Archive | November 30, 2017

Islamic Terrorists Who Beheaded Twenty One Christians Have Just Been Sentenced To Death By The Egyptian Government

By Walid Shoebat The ISIS terrorists who beheaded 21 Egyptian Christian Copts have just been sentenced to death by an Egyptian court. Here we have two different people, the terrorists and the authorities of justice. The latter of the two are Muslim, but nonetheless are righteous, which means that not all Muslims are violence criminals […]

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Homosexuals Are Selling ‘Gay Christmas’ Items And Putting Up ‘Gay Nativity’ Scenes To Mock God At Christmastime

Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birthday, when God out of His great, unfathomable, infinite mercy descended into our humanity to save us from our sins. However, the LGBT has decided to mock Jesus on His birthday by putting up ‘gay nativity’ scenes and selling ‘gay christmas’ items according to a recent report: The Roman […]

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ISIS Takes Small Boy And Has Him Hack The Arms Off A ‘Spy,’ Then Slit His Throat And Stand On His Decapitated Head

ISIS has released another video showing a small boy executing a spy. The pictures show as the boy hacks the man’s arms off, then slits his throat, cuts his head off and stands on it: A GRUESOME ISIS video shows a young child no older than ten standing on the decapitated head of an alleged […]

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Christian Pastor Reports That On Average Forty Cases Of Persecution Against Christians Are Being Reported Every Month In India. Christian Pastors Are Being Shot, And Christians Are Being Beaten By Hindus

By Walid Shoebat A Christian pastor has reported that on average, forty cases of Christian persecuted are reported every month in India. He also stated that Christian pastors are shot and Christians are beaten by Hindu nationalists. With all of this idolatry in India, we are reminded of that verse in Isaiah when he talked […]

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