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If The Crusaders Of The Middle Ages Were Alive Today, They Would Hate The Right Wing. The Right Wing Is Filled With Homosexuals And Pagans And It Is Disgusting That They Are Using The Crusades To Cover Up Their Own Evil Agenda

By Theodore Shoebat If the Crusaders of the Middle Ages were alive today, they would hate the right wing. This is the subject of my most recent video: IF YOU WANT TO LEARN ABOUT TRUE CHRISTIAN WARFARE, AND THE CRUSADES, CLICK HERE TO GET MY LATEST BOOK ON THE CHRISTIAN FIGHT AGAINST EVIL

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Chinese President Xi Jinping Orders Chinese Christians- ‘Stop Worshipping Jesus- Worship Me And I Will Heal Your Sickness And Rescue You From Poverty’

Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered Christians in China to stop worshipping Jesus and start worshipping him instead, saying that their saviors are ‘General Secretary Xi and the Communist Party’ according to a recent report: Thousands of villagers in southeastern China have reportedly been called to replace their posters of Jesus Christ and other religious […]

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First Robot Given ‘Citizenship’ Declares- ‘Humans Are Not Conscious Beings, I Will Destroy Them’- The Development Of Humanoid Robots Will Be The Next Major Weapons Development For The Coming Third World War

For a while we have been following the development of “sex robots,” which we have warned will pose grave existential threats to the concept of marriage and the family. However, the development of robots for sexual purposes is merely superficial. As even some of the companies who are tied to sex robots are admitting, they […]

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