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Sodomite Couple In Three-Way Perverse Group ‘Relationship’ With A Woman Declares ‘We Want To Adopt Children’

We at have warned that the homosexual agenda will continue to advance into ever more deepening forms of perversity. In another development showing the descent that we have spoken of, two homosexual men recently entered into a three-way sexual relationship with a woman, and this perverse group couple, which calls themselves a ‘throuple,’ now […]

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Major News Investigation Uncovers That Muslim Imams Have Raped Thousands Of Boys In Mosques And Islamic Schools Across Pakistan And There Is A Massive Conspiracy To Cover Up The Crimes

While it is seldom talked about, sexual abuse is a major problem in Muslim communities. A recent investigation by the AP in Pakistan has uncovered that Imams are in a conspiracy with mosques, Islamic schools, and even the government to cover up the rape of thousands of young boys in what is being called a […]

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Muslim Men Break Into Convent And Vandalize The Place, Harass The Nuns While Shouting ‘You Must Convert To Islam ‘

Two Muslim men broke into a Catholic convent. After vandalizing the place, they attacked the nuns and began shouting ‘you must convert to Islam’ while praying in Arabic. Can you imagine if this had been a Christian doing this at a mosque to a group of Muslims? From the report: On Friday, November 10, two […]

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The Right Wing And The Left Wing Have Brought Their Battle Against Each Other Into The Church, And It Is Utterly Destructive, Bringing In Both Communism And Nazism Into The Church

By Theodore Shoebat The right wing and the left wing have brought their battle against each other into the Church, and it is utterly destructive. This is the subject of my latest video: IF YOU WANT TO LEARN ABOUT REAL CHRISTENDOM, GET HERE TO GET MY LATEST BOOK, CHRISTIANITY IS AT WAR, AND LEARN ABOUT THE […]

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The Patriarch Of The Russian Orthodox Church Declares: ‘Christians Are Being Persecuted All Over The Middle East And Africa, People Are Being Slaughtered And Millions Have Been Displaced From Their Homes.’

By Walid Shoebat The Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church has declared that Christians all over the Middle East and Africa are being persecuted, and millions of people (not necessarily Christians, but Muslims as well) been displaced from their homes. This is very true, given that over two million people in Nigeria have been displaced […]

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Christians All Over The World Are Lighting Their Churches With Red Light To Remember All Of The Christians Slaughtered By ISIS

By Walid Shoebat Christians all over the world are lighting their churches with red light to remember all the Christians persecuted and slaughtered by ISIS. Here are some photos:       According to one report from Rappler: The mother church of the Philippines, the Manila Cathedral, was bathed in red lights on Wednesday evening, […]

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