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While Canada Aggressively Persecutes Christians Who Preach What The Bible Teaches About Homosexuality, Canadian MP Declares ‘All Homosexuals Need To Be Given Reparations From The Government And Preferential Treatment In Society’

Canada has become increasingly anti-Christian as it has been persecuting Christians who speak what the Bible says about the LGBT. Now according to a new proposal by one Canadian MP, homosexuals would receive ‘reparations’ from the government and preferential treatment in society because of ‘homophobia’ according to a recent report: With mere weeks to go […]

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Woman In UK Douses Her Ex-Boyfriends Face In Acid While Laughing, She Declares ‘If I Can’t Have You Nobody Else Can,’ He Survives But Then Commits Suicide After The Attack

Bernilah Wallace was arrested after she doused her ex-boyfriends face in acid, laughing and declaring ‘if I can’t have you nobody else can.’ The boyfriend was so depressed after the attack that although he survived, he committed suicide: An acid attack victim has told jurors, in testimony recorded before his death, how the “jealous” ex […]

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Muslims In Russia Try To Organize Their Own Islamic State, Demand Power Separate From Moscow And Promote Their Language And Culture Over That Of Russia

Russia has a very large Muslim population, especially in the regions of Siberia. One of the most Islamic areas, an autonomous region known as “Tartarstan,” is attempting to assert itself by demanding that the Tartar language is taught and promoted alongside Russian, and that anybody who wants to hold an office of power must not […]

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