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Mexican Drug Cartel Cannibalizes Its Victims, And Enjoys Consuming Their Flesh In Tamales And Stews

By Theodore Shoebat The Mexican drug cartel, Las Zetas, is known to cannibalize its victims and enjoys eating human flesh in tamales and stews. Juan Sánchez Limón, a Mexican narco, recounted this in an interview published by Blog del Narco. He was asked, “Does Lazca [Heriberto Lazcano, the leader of Las Zetas] eat human flesh?” […]

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Heretical German Bishops Declare To Christian Teenagers ‘Homosexuality Is Normal, Fornication And Pedophilia Are Fine As Long As It Is Consensual, So Is Abortion And Your Parents Have No Right To Know’

Evil heretics have infested many offices of leadership in the Church today, and this shows in a recent story of how the Archdiocese of Berlin has just given license to an ‘education program’ for teens that blasphemes and opposes all aspects of Catholic teachings. It says that homosexuality is normal, that fornication is permitted, pedophilia […]

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Germany Supports Anti-Government Activist Groups In Poland, Which Means That Germany Is Still Trying To Cause Chaos That Will Lead To Another Major War In Europe

By Theodore Shoebat The German defense minister, Ursula van der Leyen, expressed her support for anti-government activist groups in Poland. It looks like Germany is trying to start an uprising in Poland, similar to what is happening Catalonia. According to one report from the Local: Poland on Monday accused Germany’s defence minister of calling on […]

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Hindu Saffron Terrorists Are Putting Cows Into Shelters And Then Attacking And Murdering Farmers And India’s Government Is Backing Them

Hindu terrorists value cows more than people, and they have proven this by an explosion of attacks against cow farmers in India. Cow farmers are being beaten, tortured, and even murdered for raising cattle, and India’s pro-Pagan Hindu government is overlooking the attacks. Not only that, but these saffron terrorist are giving these cows shelter […]

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Five Year Old Boy Lost His Mother And Two Sisters In The Church Massacre In Texas, He Was Also Shot Twice And Is Now Fighting For His Life In The Hospital

By Walid Shoebat A five year old boy who was shot twice in the Texas church massacre has survived, though he his now fighting for his life in the hospital. This is after his mother and sister were murdered. As we read in one report from the Christian Post on this tragic story: A 5-year-old […]

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Seven Muslim Gunmen Break Into Catholic Convent, Attack And Rob Them At Gunpoint, One Of Them Rapes A 71-Year-Old Nun

A Muslim man was convicted of raping a nun in an attack in 2015 when he and a group of six other men attacked a Catholic convent, breaking in and robbing the place while terrorizing the nuns according to a recent report: A court in Kolkata has convicted a Bangladeshi man for raping an elderly […]

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First Superbugs, Then Cancer Outbreaks, Now Hepatitis A Is The Next Plague Laying Waste To The LGBT

First, there has been the emergence of new and drug-resistant forms of STDs. Then, there has been an outbreak of anal cancer that doctors are calling the ‘next great LGBT health crisis’ and are powerless to stop it. Now, there is a third health crisis exploding across California with the spread of Hepatitis A among […]

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Pregnant Mother Amongst Those Slaughtered By Atheist Terrorist In The Texas Church Shooting

By Walid Shoebat Amongst the dozens slaughtered by the atheist terrorist, Devin Kelley, was a pregnant mother. What a sad and tragic story this is! As we read in one report: A pregnant mother and three of her five young children along with several other members of her extended family were among the 26 people […]

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