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African Pagan Death Cult Kidnaps Christian Missionary And Executes Him In Captivity For Playing The Song “Amazing Grace”

Christianity is bringing the light of Christ to all of Africa, but there is still a violent struggle being made against paganism. One of these is with the Egbesu Boys, a pagan death cult in Nigeria that worships a local god of war and death. According to a recent report the cult kidnapped a Christian […]

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While Americans Were Celebrating Thanksgiving, Mexican Drug Cartels Kidnapped 21 People, Stripped Them Naked, And Chopped Them Into Little Pieces In Just ONE City

As Americans were enjoying Thanksgiving this past weekend, their neighbor to the south of Mexico continued to be ravaged by the drug cartels. 21 people in the city of Veracruz alone were slaughtered, being stripped naked, tortured, and then chopped into little pieces A total of 21 were executed this weekend in Veracruz. The adjustments […]

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Undercover Investigation Shows Workers At Amazon Facilities Collapsing From Exhaustion, Being Taken Away By Ambulance

An investigative journalist in the UK has uncovered brutal working conditions at Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Far from being another venue of hard work for the upcoming Christmas season, the story has documented people working for hours in slave like conditions to such a point they are collapsing from exhaustion and having to be taken away […]

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Pope Francis Declares To Politicians ‘Stop Attacking The Migrants, You Are Just Fomenting Racism and Violence’

Pope Francis released a statement in which he asked for politicians to stop ‘fomenting fear of migrants,’ calling their actions as sowing ‘violence and racism’ across Europe: Pope Francis on Friday excoriated politicians who foment fear of migrants, saying they were sowing violence and racism, and urged them to “practice the virtue of prudence” to […]

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Major Medical Organizations Claim To Be Helping Children With Down Syndrome, But In Reality Are Killing Them By Supporting And Advancing Eugenist Human Experiments On Children With Down Syndrome

By Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) There are organizations that claim to be helping kids with Down syndrome, to which many are duped to donate money. But the reality is, these very organizations are killing kids with Down syndrome. What you are about to read has never been exposed before. The world […]

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