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Those Bombings All Over Austin Were Not Done By Muslims- They Were From A Homosexual Terrorist And Suicide Bomber Who Bragged That He Was A God-Hating “Psychopath” And Loved Having Sex With Random Men

In March 2018 a series of bombs terrorized Austin, Texas. Two people were killed and six were injured over the month. The FBI became involved and eventually they found the perpetrator. The terrorist was identified as Mark Anthony Conditt, a homosexual who used the infamous app Grindr to find gay sex with random men. He […]

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Two Lesbians Square Off At UFC While Gay And “Christian” Fighter From Pittsburgh Makes Debut- This Is A Major Sign Of The Revival Of Paganism

Two curious events happened this week in the LGBT and fighting world. First, was the for the first time in UFC history, two lesbians are going to fight each other: For the first time in UFC history, two openly gay fighters will compete for a championship title. UFC 224, Saturday night at the Jeunesse Arena […]

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Greece Submits To Islam, Asks President Erdogan Of Turkey To Conquer Them And Enslave Their Population

People talk about when Greece will “reconquer” Constantinople from the Turks. However, its doesn’t appear this will happen in the near future, as Greece has just submitted to the LGBT agenda by allowing for homosexual adoptions: Gay couples will now be able to foster children in Greece. The groundbreaking legislation was passed by 161 votes […]

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Sodomites Are Furious That Schools May Be Required To Tell Parents If Their Children Join Pro-Homosexual Clubs- More Proof The LGBT Wants To Control Parents

Canadian sodomites are angry after a proposal that would require schools to disclose to parents if their children participate in pro-homosexual groups: How much control does a parent have over the inner life of their adolescent child? This thorny philosophical issue has come to a head in Canada, where the conservative party in Alberta has […]

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