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Matteo Salvini

New Italian Interior Minister Salvini Tells Migrants To ‘Pack Your Bags’- The Reality Is It’s Not Going To Happen

Italy’s new interior minister Matteo Salvini has told migrants to ‘pack your bags’: Italy’s new hardline interior minister Matteo Salvini will be in Sicily Sunday to push the anti-immigration platform that propelled him to power at one of the country’s main landing points for refugees. The head of the far-right League is on the road […]

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Om Swami Maharaj India

Hindu Terrorists Gather Near Catholic Church, Stomp On Image Of Pope Francis, Pledge To Expel All Christians From India

Hindu terrorist Om Swami Maharaj and his followers gathered near a Catholic Church and protested against Christianity in India. They stomped on an image of Pope Francis and demanded for all Christians to be expelled from India: A hard-line Hindu group has called on Christians to be thrown out of India and stamped on images […]

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Turkish Forces Are Now In Iraq, As The Turkish Government Declares That It Is Now Waiting For The Right Moment To Strike Iraq

By Theodore Shoebat The Turkish government is declaring that it is now waiting for the right moment to strike Iraqi, specifically the Qandil mountains, a remote region of Kurdish-run northern Iraq which lies right on the Iraq-Iran border. As we read in one report from Hurriyet Daily News: The Turkish military is waiting for the right […]

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Bare Knuckle 19th Century

Bare Knuckle Fighting Has Been Made Legal In Wyoming

Bare knuckle fighting was banned in the 19th century for its brutality and violence. However, Wyoming has just become the first state to roll-back such bans and will now allow it for MMA-style fighting: The first ever state-sanctioned bare-knuckle boxing match got a bloody ending Saturday night – and a big response from a raucous […]

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New Study Declares That Supermajority Of UK Infidels Don’t Believe Churches Make A “Positive Difference In The World”

While atheists, “freethinkers,” agnostics, and others have differences between them, they are united by their lack of believe in Christianity and, according to a new study, as a supermajority believe that churches do not improve society: A vast majority of non-Christians in the United Kingdom think the Church is not making any difference to society, […]

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Muslim Man Stabs Priest Jerusalem

Muslim Man Caught On Video Attacking Catholic Priest With A Knife At Church In Bethlehem

Security cameras in Bethlehem caught a Muslim man attacking a Catholic priest at a well known shrine and tourist area in Bethelem. The site where it happened, the Milk Grotto, is the place where the Holy Family hid during Herod’s massacre of the Holy Innocents as they were fleeing to Egypt: An unidentified man in […]

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Report: Islamic Terrorists Are Working To Eradicate Christianity In Nigeria

By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists are working to eradicate Christianity in Nigeria, according to  a bishop. As we read in a report from Independent Catholic News: Islamist nomadic herdsmen are waging a violent campaign to eradicate Christianity from Nigeria’s Middle Belt region – and the Government is doing very little to stop them – according to […]

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Neenu Chacko breaking down on seeing the body of her husband Kevin P. Joseph at his house at Nattasserry in Kottayam on Tuesday.  (From The Hindu)

Indian Christian Gets Murdered For Marrying A Woman Of A “Higher Caste”

By Theodore Shoebat An Indian Christian man got murdered because he married a woman of a “higher caste”. In Hindu society, there are castes that are based on one’s karma. Intermarriage between castes is greatly looked down upon, and many times there is violence against ‘lower castes.’ As we read in a report from Christian […]

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The State Of California Prohibits Travel To Oklahoma Because It Allows Christian Adoption Agencies To Refuse To Give Children To Homosexuals

By Theodore Shoebat The state of California is prohibiting state funded travel to Oklahoma because it recently passed a bill allowing Christian adoption agencies to refuse to give children to sodomites. As we read in one report from USA Today: Add Oklahoma to the list of states to which California is banning state-funded and state-sponsored […]

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maxresdefault (19)

The Female Soccer Team For The USA Forces All Of Its Players To Wear LGBT ‘Pride’ Shirt. One Christian Player Chooses To Rather Not Play For The USA Than Wear The LGBT Shirt

By Theodore Shoebat The female soccer team for the USA tried to force all of its players to wear an LGBT ‘pride’ shirt, but one soccer player, Jaelene Hinkle, will not be playing for the team because she refused to wear the shirt of sodom. As we read in a report from the Christian Post: […]

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Great Britain Is Now Sending Warships Into The South China Sea, In Order To Scare China

By Theodore Shoebat Great Britain will be sending three warships into the South China Sea, in order to scare China. The military activities being done by the so-called first world is just going to fulfill the plans of Japan, which seeks to revive its old empire and imperialism over East Asia, especially China. I would […]

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The Government Of Saudi Arabia Is Asking The US To Back Its Invasion Of Yemeni City, As Human Rights Agencies Warn That Invading The City Will Be A Humanitarian Disaster

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Saudi Arabia is asking the US to back its invasion of the Yemeni city of Hodeidah. Human rights groups are saying that an invasion of the city will cause a humanitarian disaster. Looking at how horrific the war in Yemen is — with thousands killed by bullets, bombs, disease and […]

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