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The Future Is One That Makes Science Fiction Look Normal

In this video, I talk about my recent article on A.I., and I give some insights into the future of what major scientists and powerful men are openly admitting: CLICK HERE TO DONATE AND HELP SPREAD OUR CHRISTIAN MESSAGE IT IS BEST TO REACH US BY EITHER GOING DIRECTLY TO SHOEBAT.ORG OR THROUGH OUR NEWSLETTER. […]

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Pedophile Defender And Conservative Personality Ben Shapiro Has Twitter Meltdown After Trump Says He Wants To Talk To Iran Like A Human Being, Even Shapiro’s Own Acolytes Are Turning Against Him

Defender of pedophile supporter James Gunn and “conservative” personality Ben Shapiro recently had a Twitter meltdown where he erupted into a rage after President Trump said that he would meet with the leaders of Iran if they wanted to: Most interesting is to watch the responses of his own followers to said tweets: Last month, […]

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Transgender Communion_02

Heretic Who Is Allowing Her Own Son To Mutilate His Genitals Gets Mad At Priest For Telling Her What She Is Doing Is A Sin

A woman became angry at a priest for denying her “transgender daughter” communion, telling her that he was living in sin: Lilliana Redd’s daughter, who is transgender, was refused Communion during a Sunday Mass this month at St. Vincent de Paul, one of Charlotte’s more conservative Catholic churches. Nobody disputes that it happened. But Redd […]

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Governments, Scientists, And Billionaires Around The World Are Preparing To Wage A Massive World War With The Muslims Against Christianity To Destroy The World Economy, Massacre Christians And Enslave The Survivors While They Merge With Computers And Biotechnology To Become An “Interplanetary Species”

All of history is directed towards the fulfillment of Revelation in scripture. The progress of technology, communications, logistics, and all inventions, however beneficial they may be, bring man closer to the return of Christ and the final Judgment which all men will have to face. In modern times this is of grave concern, since not […]

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american empire

America Is An Empire That Is Allowing Turkey, Germany And Japan To Rise Again

By Theodore Shoebat America is an empire, and like any other empire they will always be nations that will revolt against it. Today, industrial powerhouses like Turkey, Japan and Germany (nations that are under the American security umbrella) are working to becoming militarily independent. But America the empire is allowing this to happen. The Ottoman […]

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