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The Man Who Shot And Murdered Eleven Jews In A Synagogue In Pittsburgh Was A Product Of The Rise Of Nationalism That Has Permeated Society

By Theodore Shoebat There was a shooting in a synagogue in Pittsburgh. Eleven people are dead. This is the result of pure murderous evil, a demonically influenced mentality, a satanically possessed soul, a sinister mentality. The massacre occurred in the Tree of Life Synagogue this Saturday morning. Authorities have identified the murderer as 46-year-old Robert Bowers.  […]

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President Trump Thanks Known Terrorist State Saudi Arabia For Supporting The Goals Of The USA And Israel

For many years, people have wondered why the USA refuses to retaliate against Saudi Arabia’s sponsorship of terrorism and other actions against the USA and abroad. For example, the entire 9/11 incident had many direct ties to Saudi Arabia, yet Afghanistan was invaded and the desert oil kingdom was not touched. As it has been […]

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Major Adult Industry Company Embraces First Serious Use Of “Augmented Reality” Technology In Preparation For The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Artificial intelligence based technologies will greatly influence all areas of life, as it is being worked on by all governments around the world and as some have warned, is the harbinger of an inevitable fourth industrial revolution that will re-shape the world economy in ways as profound as did mass manufacturing, mass logistics, and the […]

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Demon Worshiping Hindu Terrorists Seize Church, Destroy Its Cross And Declare They Have “Purified” It From Jesus

Hindu terrorists in India attacked a Christian church and destroyed its cross as part of a “purification” ritual to “purify” the building from Christ according to a report: Followers of a Hindu religion in India seized a Protestant church and removed its cross and held a “purification” ceremony in the building that was once used […]

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