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trump cult of personality

The Trump Movement Has Become A Cult Of Personality

By Andrew Bieszad  Normally I don’t read comments, let alone respond to them. However, this time I would like to address a few issues. A number of days ago, I put up an article about a state representative from New Hampshire, Frank Sapareto, who is being sued by a pornographic director he worked with for […]

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ukrainian training nationalist camp 01

Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Are Now Opening Military Camps Teaching Kids To Be Soldiers, Saying “Don’t Think Of Your Target As A Human Being”

It is nearly impossible to separate the term “Ukrainian nationalism” from National Socialism because the former is not merely a product of the latter, but has been actively promoted as such in order to serve as a “counterbalance” to the “international socialism” embraced by the former USSR during the 20th century. It is one part […]

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isis in custody

In Two Days Egypt Sentences Dozens Of ISIS Terrorists To Lengthy Jail Terms Or Death

After years of terrorizing Christians, Egypt’s government continues to crack down on ISIS terror cells, as dozens of people in two days have been either sentenced to lengthy prison terms or death: An Egyptian court on Thursday, November 8 sentenced 65 suspected Islamic State members to between five years and life in prison for setting […]

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One Hundred Hindu Zealots Attack Christians During Prayer Meeting And Severely Beat The Pastor Because They Could

Hindu terrorists throughout India continue their violent attempts to destroy and intimidate Christians in India from practicing their faith. In another round of violence, a Christian pastor was attacked during a prayer meeting by a mob of one hundred Hindu zealots and he was severely beaten according to a report: A Christian prayer meeting was […]

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Four Nigerian Priests Kidnapped By Armed Men Set Free

Last week, four Catholic priests were kidnapped and being held for ransom in Nigeria. An update to the story shows that over the weekend the four priests were rescued and arrests made according to a report: Four priests kidnapped in Nigeria’s Delta State last week have been released. The Catholic priests were abducted by gunmen […]

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Russian Government Reports That Islamist Terrorists Continue To Commit Attacks In Idlib Province

By Theodore Shoebat The Russian government has reported that Islamist terrorists are continuing to do attacks in Idlib province in Syria. As we read in a report from SANA: Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova stressed that terrorists are continuing to make provocative acts in the demilitarized zone in Idleb. Zakharova said in her weekly […]

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macron germany trump

Germany And France Are Collaborating To Create “A True European Army” That Will Be Independent Of American Power. Get Ready For The European Beast

By Theodore Shoebat  Europe, for millennia, has had wars. Before the US existed, Europeans were at war. Now all of a sudden the masses in the US, with their excitement for Trump, think the Europeans are cowards. Trump with his “pay your fair share” for defense talk has helped unleash the European beast. The president […]

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