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jorg meuthen

Major German Politician Declares: “We Want A Europe Of The Fatherland”

By Theodore Shoebat A major German politician, Jorg Meuthen, of the nationalist Alternative for Deutschland Party (AfD), who sits in the EU Parliament, declared: “We want a Europe of the Fatherland” According to a report from Taz: “We want a Europe of the fatherland,” Meuthen calls into the hall. “Naturally allies” are Hans-Christian Strache, the Austrian […]

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Catholic Priest Burned Alive And 40 Christians Slaughtered In Central African Republic By Islamic Terrorists

Violence between Christians and Muslims exploded again in the Central African Republic, where clashes between the two groups are common. According to a story a priest was burned alive and 40 other Christians were slaughtered as part of the ongoing violence from Islamic Fulani terrorist herdsmen: Two priests, one of whom was burned to death, […]

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Australian Government Forces Major Bridal Magazine To Close Down Because Christian Owners Refuse To Bend Over To The Sodomite Agenda

White magazine is a major bridal publication in Australian. Her Christian founder and owners were recently forced to shut down their publication of 12 years after they refused to feature sodomites in magazine photos according to a report: One of Australia’s top wedding magazines has closed down after they were abandoned in droves by advertisers […]

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Tommy Robinson Joins Major Organizations That Want To Destroy Christianity, Promote Homosexuality, Human Sacrifice And Terrorism

By Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat ( Sunday Special) Do not trust Tommy Robbinson, he is only a lobbyist for pagans, racists and eugenists. Tommy Robinson is working with forces that want to war against Christianity. Robinson works with pagans who want homosexuality and  paganism, and instead of Christian sacraments, want a sacrament of gore […]

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