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Trump Signs Order Allowed The Use Of “Lethal Force” At Border Amid Migrant Caravan Saga

The political show that was and remains the “migrant caravan” incident continues. In the most recent development, the Trump administration has recently signed an order allowing for the use of lethal force at the border according to a report: The White House late Tuesday signed a memo allowing troops stationed at the border to engage […]

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Hindu Terrorists Force Christian Church Closed In India

The harassment of Christians continues in India from Hindu nationalists, where in a recent event another Christian congregation was forced to close after constant harassment according to a report: Using threats and social pressure, high caste Hindus, including local Brahmins, forced a newly planted church in the Palpa District of Nepal to shut down. According […]

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US Military Seeks Export Controls On Fourteen Different Types Of AI Technologies

I have repeatedly warned that A.I. is going to be the defining trend of the future for military technology development. While it may sound like something out of a science fiction novel, the fact is that the military is actively developing computer programs and robotics technologies that working with each other are a step toward […]

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US Government Authorizes Sale Of Almost $1 Billion USD In Missiles And Military Weaponry To Japan

The remilitarization of Japan is going to be a major theme in the future as preparations for war increase, which if the historical projections of the past remain consistent, will involve both Russia and China. This process has increased in pace and intensity under President Trump, such as with a recent sale of almost $1 […]

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Turkey Opens Two Major Oil Pipelines And Signs Deal With Georgia And Azerbaijan To “Eliminate Regional Threats”

In the past two days, Turkey had done three things. First, she opened a pipeline with Russia going through Turkey by passing under the Black Sea and around Ukraine, known as TurkStream: Russian President Vladimir Putin is in the Turkish city of Istanbul to mark the completion of the offshore part of TurkStream, a major […]

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