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miriam celaya

Honduran Migrant Who Called Food Given By Charity “Pig Food” And Later Apologized Is Now Missing And Nobody Knows Where She Is

Several days ago, there was a news story about a Honduran migrant who called food given by charity to them “pig food.” The story was picked up by English and Spanish media, and she has become known as “Lady Frijoles.” She later apologized (source), but according to further reports the woman has since disappeared and […]

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Texas Pediatrician Wants Her Son Chemically Castrated And Turned Into A Girl And She Is Trying To Force The Father To Pay For It

For years, I have stated that the LGBT would be coming after children to indoctrinate them into the sodomite agenda, and that parents need to be aware of this. In a recent move from the state of Texas, a mother wants her six-year-old son to become a girl and is planning to have him chemically […]

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World’s First “Synagogue Of Sodom” Opens In California

The LGBT lobby has made drastic advances into and changes to life in the US. Many churches are “LGBT-friendly,” and there is even an entire “Christian” denomination called Metropolitan Community Church dedicated to promoting the ideas and aims of Sodom. Likewise, there are many other religious groups such as Jews, Buddhists, and even some Muslims […]

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The Left Wants To Sell “Global Warming,” So The Right Is Now Selling “Global Cooling,” Both Are Monstrous Attempts To Justify Genocide

For many years, the phrase “global warming” has been synonymous with the political “left” and the subsequent causes for “saving” the environment as well as advocating for eugenics through “population control.” Many people have denied “global warming,” now simply referred to as “climate change”, because it is an obvious fact that weather changes do happen. […]

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Honduras Is So Violent That Its Not Surprising That Hondurans Want To Come To The US

Honduras is so violent that its not surprising that Hondurans want to come to the US. There is an article that was written recently by Amelia Frank-Vitale who lives in Honduras as a researcher, and she speaks about the horrendous violence in the country. I’ll share some excerpts here: At the end of October, I […]

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Syrian And Russian Governments Both Report That The Chemical Attack That Injured Over 100 People Was Done By Rebels

By Theodore Shoebat The governments of Syria and Russia have reported that the chemical attack that injured over 100 people was done by rebels. As we read from the Huffington Post: Syria accused insurgents of wounding more than 100 people in a suspected toxic gas attack in Aleppo, which a health official described as the […]

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