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Police Arrest Indian Man For Trafficking Skulls And Body Parts Of Over Four Dozen People For Hindu Occult Rituals And Chinese Medical Experiments

Police in India arrested a man after he was caught trafficking the skulls and body parts of over four dozen people for use in Hindu occult rituals and by Chinese medical students according to a report: ndian police are investigating a skeleton smuggling gang after a man was caught with skulls and bones of 50 […]

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Islamic Terrorists Raid Village And Kidnap 15 Girls

The Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram, which has a presence in Nigeria, has raided the northern nation of Niger and kidnapped 15 girls according to a report: Islamic terror group Boko Haram has expanded its deadly raids into the country of Niger, killing seven workers at a mining company and kidnapping 15 girls from nearby […]

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Alibaba Billionaire Jack Ma Is Working With The Chinese Government To Build Secret AI Closed Cities

In the Soviet Union and still in parts of Russia today, there exists something called “closed cities,” which is a city where access to the public is closed except for the residents, who are often employed there or related to those who are employed there. Many times these have to do with military projects or […]

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Defender Of The Constitution President Trump Announces Final Plan To Ban Bump Stocks

All politicians in the US make promises they do not intend to keep, because they know what to say to get elected. President Trump has been a particular case because many voted for him on the basis of promises made based on real concerns for the welfare of the nation and the integrity of the […]

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Major Ebola Outbreak In Congo Is Now The Second Worst Outbreak In History

Ebola is a horrible disease that liquefies a person from the inside out. Found primarily in Africa, the disease is deadly in most cases and the survival rate is low. The worst Ebola outbreak was from 2013 to 2016, which killed over 11,000 people. There is another Ebola outbreak in Congo right now, and while […]

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Germany Signs Major And Controversial UN Refugee Agreement

The migration of peoples throughout the world is a natural phenomenon that has taken place since time immemorial. It is why if one looks at history, one will find generally homogeneous populations in a given area, but almost always there is one or two groups that does not seem to “fit” but definitely is established […]

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South Sudan: 125 Women Raped In Just Ten Days

125 women in South Sudan sought medical attention after being raped, in just ten days. This horror was reported on by the BBC: Dozens of women and girls have been subjected to rape and other violence over the past 10 days in a northern region of South Sudan, Doctors Without Borders has said. A midwife […]

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The Government Of Ukraine Bans All Russian Men Ages 16 To 60

The government of Ukraine just put a ban on all Russian men ages 16 to 60. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is still ongoing, and it would not be surprising that this could ripple effect into a greater conflict in Europe. As read in one report from RT: Ukraine will not allow Russian men […]

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