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Yellow Vesters In France Brutally Beat Up A Journalist, They Surround Another Journalist And Say: ‘We Are Going To Pull You Out Of Your Car And Rape You!’

By Theodore Shoebat Yellow Vesters in France brutally beat up a journalist. They also surrounded a female journalist while she is in her car and told her that they will pull her out of her car and rape her. The mobs support this behavior. Welcome to the Euro Spring: According to one report from the […]

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Anybody Who Actually Believes The US Is Pressuring Germany To Back Away From The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Is Watching The Wrong Hand

It was recently announced that the US government was pressuring Germany with threats of economic sanctions for continuing to build the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia: The US ambassador to Germany has warned of sanctions against firms linked to the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia, the American embassy in Berlin confirmed on […]

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Drug Cartel Cannibals Take Four Men, Castrate Them Alive, Then Saw Off Their Hands Before Murdering Them

The Koran speaks of slicing off the extremities of non-Muslims as part of executing the justice of the false deity Allah. While such is theologically prescribed by Islam, most Muslims do not follow the tenets of Islam to their prescribed conclusion, and will even oppose them because, as Sacred Scripture teaches, the law of God […]

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California Sex Fiend With Horns Implanted In His Head Puts Out Fake Ad To Lure Women To His House To Assault Them

Sexual impropriety has always been a problem in societies throughout the world. However, and not including the outright fornication by consent that has defined life for almost the last century in the West and increasingly across the entire world, there is a serious problem with real sexual abuse against innocent people, both men and women […]

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Texas Woman Gets Drunk Drinking Wine Out Of Pringles Can, Drunk Drives In Motorized Cart Around Wal-Mart Parking Lot For Three Hours

In a curious story out of northern Texas, a woman was permanently banned from a local Wal-Mart after she was caught drunk driving in a motorized shopping cart for three hours while drinking wine out of a Pringles chip can according to a report: A call to police on Friday morning led to an interesting […]

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84,000 People In France Take To The Streets To Protest Against Macron

By Theodore Shoebat The Euro Spring continues on as 84,000 people took to the streets to protest against the government. As we read in a report from Tens of thousands of demonstrators turned out across France for new protests against President Emmanuel Macron, amid a marked decline in violence despite dozens of arrests and […]

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Man With Down Syndrome In Germany Who Survived Abortion Dies At The Age Of 21

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Germany who survived an abortion has died at the age of 21. As we read in a report from the Irish Times: Tim was not supposed to be born, and certainly not to live. Now the man who survived a failed late-term abortion in 1997 has died aged 21. […]

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