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Michael Voris: Older Men With 16 Year Old Boys Is Permissible In Catholicism

By Theodore Shoebat Michael Voris, in his interview with sodomite and pederast advocate Milo Yiannopoulos, recently said that going with 16 year olds is permissible in Catholic Canon Law. The conversation was being said in the context of Milo’s advocacy of pederasty. Voris asked Milo: “Do you think that the age of consent should be lowered […]

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japanese war flag

Japanese Government Declares Push For Rapid Militarization In Preparation For Conflict With China

Japan has wanted to return to militarism for years, only being restrained by the post-World War II shackles imposed upon them by the US. Now that President Trump has been removing them more so than any president before, Japan is doing exactly what Ted and I warned she would, which is rapidly push for militarism. […]

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naruhito and akihito

Japan Quietly Passes Law Preparing The Way For Naruhito’s Ascension To The Imperial Throne

Naruhito (l) and Akihito (r) In December 2017, Emperor of Japan Akihito announced that he would abdicate the throne on April 30th, 2019. This is Showa Day, which in Japan celebrates the memory of World War II emperor Hirohito, who oversaw the resurgence of the Japanese Empire. Naruhito, the son of an apostate Catholic mother, […]

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Chinese Officials Investigating School Promoting Mongolian Nationalism In China

The promotion of nationalism has been central to US foreign policy post-World War II as part a strategy directed to divide nations so they can be more easily conquered. This has been used by US allies in Europe, such as Germany, to divide Europe with the promotion of regional nationalism, such as in Catalonia, Wallonia, […]

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IDF Chief Of Staff Admits That Israel Helped Commit Genocide Against Christians In Syria By Giving Weapons To Islamic Terrorists

Israel and her supporters frequently clamor that Israel is the victim of terrorism, and is the reason why she needs more welfare in the form of cash payments and weapons supplies from the US. While there is true terrorism that happens in Israel, she also has been identified as a supporter of terrorism to advance […]

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