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Bloodbath On American Vacation Enclave Of Cancun As Narcoterrorists Slaughter Seven People At A Party

The Mexican party city of Cancun is the place where Americans, especially college students, go to indulge in wanton hedonism. While the area is usually well-protected because tourism is a major source of revenue, even she is not safe from the heinous violence of the cartels. In a recent incident, seven people at a party […]

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Islamic Terrorists Kidnap Fifteen Thousand People, Bring Them To Slaughterhouses, Dissect Their Organs And Sell Them All Throughout The Middle East

The existence of human slaughterhouses operated by Islamic terrorists who kidnap, dissect, and sell people’s organs throughout the Middle East is a topic which Walid and Ted have discussed for years. Another story has emerged that again confirms that ISIS not only did operate such locations, but continues to operate them throughout the Levant, with […]

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Orthodox Jews Visiting Ukraine Vandalize Major Crucifix That Major American Rabbi Who Openly Supports National Socialist Leaders, Mass Murderers, And Hates Christianity Verbally Attacked

In December 2018, I profiled the curious case of Rabbi Yaakov Bleich of Brooklyn, New York, who has been appointed to the head of Ukraine’s Church Council and who publicly works with National Socialists including the Azov Battalions, supports mass murderers including Stepan Bandera, and showed his hatred for Christianity after demanding that a cross […]

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Man Invites Teenager To His House For Ambush, He Then Attacks The Teen While He And Five Other Men Take Turns Sodomizing Him

In a horrible case coming out of Pakistan, a man invited a teenager to his house. However, it was really an ambush, and when the teen arrived, the man attacked him with the help of five other men, who then proceeded to take turns sodomizing him according to a report: Police have booked as many […]

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