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What The US Is Doing In Venezuela Is What It Has Been Doing In The Middle East. Do Not Be Surprised If There Is A Major Migrant Crises Coming To The US From Venezuela If Violence Erupts In Latin America

By Theodore Shoebat As the United States is sanctioning Venezuela, and as there has been talk about US intervention into Venezuela for regime change, there is a parallel that I cannot resist to make, and that is the one between what is being done to Venezuela and what the US did to Iran back in […]

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Wyoming Had Over 2,500 Earthquakes Last Year, Most Of Them Centered Right Where The Underground Supervolcano Is Located

I have emphasized that America’s greatest threat to her security is not a foreign land, but the very geographical features that give her a geopolitical advantage. One of the greatest of these is the Yellowstone Caldera, which is basically a giant volcano under Yellowstone Park whose mouth is around the “Old Faithful” water geyser. I […]

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Trump Press Secretary Declares That God Appointed Trump To Be President

There are many people who believe that Trump was appointed by God to become President. However, such statements seem to have gone to the President himself, whose Press Secretary has recently declared that Trump’s Presidency was because of appointment by God: White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said she believes God wanted Donald Trump to […]

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First Catholic Church Being Built In Cuba Since The Communist Revolution

All religion but especially the Catholic Faith was heavily persecuted in Cuba. However, as the nation is slowly opening up so has the first Church in 60 years been built and two more are under construction according to a report: The first new Catholic church to be built in Cuba in over 60 years opened […]

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Advanced A.I. Face Modification Creation Of “Jennifer Buscemi” Is An Omen Of The Future The Technology Holds

Almost exactly one year ago in January 2018, I said that artificial intelligence facial manipulation technology was going to be a major trend to watch for in the future. I said this because I noted that the technology, which in the public sense existed at the time only in small artistic and computer programming circles, […]

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