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The Archbishop’s Annual Appeal Is An Excellent Way To Compel Catholic Bishops To Address The Sodomite Abuse Crisis

Each year in the Catholic Church, there is something called the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal. This is an appeal by the bishop of each diocese to solicit funds that go directly to the diocese as opposed to the local parish, and are used to fund special and important projects. Many of these projects are good things, […]

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Turkey Receives Russian Help To Build Massive Nuclear Plant That Will Be Operational By 2023

Turkey has for a long time wanted to become a nuclear power. This goal is about to be realized, as decades of lobbying and laboring have come to fruition with the construction of a nuclear plant on the Black Sea coastline backed with Russian help that will be operational in 2023, the 100-year anniversary of […]

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“Catholic” Governor Of NY Says That He Does Not Care If He Is Excommunicated For Supporting Infanticide

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, known for his highly liberal politics and his public proclamation of the Catholic Faith in spite of living a life and supporting policies which are directly in contradiction to the faith he associates with, said that he does not care if the Catholic Bishops excommunicate him or not because he […]

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Massive Diamond Discovered In Remote Siberian Republic

Sakha Republic in the Russian Far East is near the borders of Alaska and the North Pole. While located in the frozen tundra and populated by the Yakutian people and reindeer, the area has a long-established historical reputation as a location for mining rare minerals, gold, and diamonds. Indeed, the word “yakut” in Arabic means […]

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Oregon Man Films Himself Raping Baby Girl

A man in Oregon was arrested after he filmed himself raping a baby girl according to a report: A Corvallis man was arrested Thursday after authorities say he repeatedly sexually assaulted a baby girl. Edd S. Lahar, 30, sexually abused the infant last June, July, August and in January, and had recordings of the abuse, […]

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Pope Francis Warns: ‘I Fear That Bloodshed Could Erupt In Venezuela.’

By Theodore Shoebat Pope Francis has warned that he fears that bloodshed could erupt in Venezuela, as we read in a report from the Guardian: Pope Francis has said he fears bloodshed in Venezuela as the South American country braces for a week of fresh protests against its embattled president, Nicolás Maduro. Speaking on the papal plane as […]

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