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Yes, Trump Is Absolutely Right To Condemn Governor Northam For His Evil Abortion Policy

By Theodore Shoebat The Democrat governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, is in a situation of controversy after a picture resurfaced from his medical school yearbook page showing two men, one dressed as a Klan member and another in blackface. Although it has not been confirmed which of the men is Northam’s office admitted that he […]

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Erdogan Declares That ‘By Allah’s Permission’ He Will Nationalize Turkey’s Largest Lender

Political control is always preceded by economic control. As Erdogan’s power grows, he is asserting a more prominent role over Turkey’s economy, having already declared that he will be imitating the German manufacture-and-export model for his industrial approach. However, he is currently making plans to nationalize the Turkish financial system as evidenced through a recent […]

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Evil Drug Cartels Film Themselves Dismembering Four Men Alive With Farm Equipment

The horrors of the drug cartels are continuing without cessation in Mexico. In a recent video, four men were executed on film, being dismembered alive with farm equipment to the sound of Spanish-language rap music: In the same place there are around 4 more men who are on their knees, tied hand and foot and […]

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Hindu Terrorists Use Threats And Violence To Force 98 Christians To Apostatize To Hinduism

Christians are routinely persecuted and attacked for their faith in India, which has become one of the top ten most dangerous places in the world for Christians and continues to worsen with the increase in Hindu nationalism. According to a recent story out of eastern India, 98 Christians were forcibly “reconverted” to Hinduism following threats […]

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Chinese Government Pursues Major Crackdown Against Catholic Church In Northeastern China

The Qiqihar diocese is located in Heilongjiang province, China’s northeasternmost province and the most important industrial region for the Communist country. The Catholic Church has a notable presence there and has for well over a century. However, following China’s persecution of the Church and all forms of Christianity, the government has moved to suppress seven […]

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“Catholic” Senator Blocks Passage Of Bill That Bans Infanticide

Senator Patty Murray is a “Catholic” from Washington state who recently blocked the passage of a bill that would mandate in the event of a baby that survives abortion, that doctors would be required to provide medical care to the child according to a report: Sen. Patty Murray, D-WA, blocked the unanimous passage of the […]

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