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Lobbyist Caught Bragging About How Israeli Money Controls American Politicians While Ilhan Omar Flip-Flops From Anti-Israel To Ostensibly Pro-Israel In Less Than A Day

Recently the Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar made repeated tweets criticizing Israel and their treatment of her Arab neighbors. However, yesterday controversy exploded after Omar named the Israeli Lobby, and specifically AIPAC, as the main culprit behind influencing American politicians by providing them with money: Democrats’ freshmen class of lawmakers are providing the party with a […]

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Major Muslim Televangelist Scammer And Cult Leader Who Lived Like An Ottoman Sultan Is Arrested And Awaiting Trial In Turkey

Scams involving religion are as old as human history itself, and they are not restricted to any one religion. Christianity has seen many scams throughout her times, be they in the ancient or modern world. Some of the most memorable Christian “scams” have been in modern times with the epidemic of “televangelists,” where predominately Protestant […]

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Islamic Terrorist Who Attempted To Bomb A Church Declares In Interview “I Have No Regrets For What Happened”

Christian Sacred Scripture and Tradition make clear that as long as a man is alive, there is still hope for him to turn from evil and do what is right. This naturally also includes Islamic terrorists. Indeed, the story of our very own Walid Shoebat is exact that. While this change is possible, it is […]

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Hindu Terrorists Get Christian Pastor Arrested In Nepal On False Charges

Nepal and Bhutan are Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms respectively. They have long histories, ancient cultures, and are violently anti-Christian and tribalistic, and in this way no different than their Hindu neighbor of India. Hindu nationalism, which has gripped India and poses an existential threat to the Christians, is also rising in Nepal, where a Christian […]

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Russian Intelligence: United States Is Considering Using Serious Military Force Against Venezuela

By Theodore Shoebat Russian intelligence recently affirmed that the United States is considering serious military force against Venezuela, as we read in one report from Defense Blog: The Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, during her weekly news briefing, said that the USA already made the decision on “forceful” intervention in Venezuela. “There are still […]

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Report: Columbian Paramilitaries Are On The Border With Venezuela, And The United States Is Collaborating With Columbia To Orchestrate A Coup In Venezuela

By Theodore Shoebat There is a report stating that Columbian paramilitaries are on the border with Venezuela and that the United States is collaborating with Columbia to overthrow Maduro, as we read in a story by 20 Minutos: Venezuelan journalist and former vice president José Vicente Rangel, one of the most important voices of Chavez, […]

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Turkey Declares To China: ‘Stop Killing Muslims.’

By Theodore Shoebat Turkey recently declared to China that they must stop killing Muslims in “concentration camps,” as we read in a report from Axios: Turkey’s foreign ministry issued a statement Saturday calling on China to end the mass detention of the country’s Uighur Muslim ethnic minority, becoming one of the first Muslim-majority nations to publicly condemn […]

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