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Economy Data Show Weakening Job Market Over Past Eighteen Months

Economic prosperity, employment, and “growth” are big upcoming topics for the election, with direct impacts on the lives of many. According to recent reports, the last year-and-a-half has showed significantly slow movement in the economic situation, with even sectors such as manufacturing and construction having layoffs and job reductions according to a report: Companies added […]

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Major Leader Of The Catholic Church Declares: ‘Mass Migration Is Evil And Will Lead To The Destruction Of Christian Europe.’

By Theodore Shoebat Cardinal Robert Sarah, a major leader of the Catholic Church, has warned that mass migration is evil and will lead to the destruction of Christian Europe: Click Here To Donate To Keep This Website Going   CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW OUR NEW SHOEBAT FACEBOOK PAGE

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While Trump Talks Tough About “The Border”, He Goes To Jared To Help Open The Border More

Trump may be President, but it seems that for many of his decisions he goes to Jared Kushner just like what Dick Cheney functioned as for President Bush II. Trump has been talking very tough about “the border” recently, but according to Politico, Trump seems to be planning on finding more ways to open the […]

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Polish General Says That Nuclear Strikes Against Russia Are “Reasonable” If Russia Invades- But There Is A Catch

With the talk of nuclear war heating up between the US and Russia, many people are concerned that it may become a reality. A retired Polish army commander recently contributed to this discussion, saying that nuclear strikes against Russia would be “reasonable” if the Russian invaded Poland according to Russia Today: War and soldiering were […]

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Christ-Hating Chinese Communists Bulldoze Catholic Church To The Ground

The Chinese Communists hate religion and have made it a goal of state policy to eradicate religion from China save the worship of mass-murderer Chairma Mao. In another recent act of state-supported violence, the Chinese government has bulldozed a Catholic Church according to a report: This morning, the Qianyang (Shaanxi) government razed the only parish […]

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