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Lara Trump Shills For The Return Of German Militarism On National Television

President Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump made a recent statement on Fox where she declared that the refugees were one of “the worst things ever to happen to Germany”: Apparently, Adolf Hitler and Nazism are not the definitive worst thing to have happened to Germany—at least if you were to ask Lara Trump. Appearing Thursday morning […]

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The Wise Man Is The One Who Knows When To Speak And When To Be Silent

The wise will keep quiet till the right moment, but a garrulous fool will always misjudge it. -Ecclesiasticus 20:7 Yesterday, I wrote a piece about the situation of the Church bombing in Sri Lanka. In it, I advised that it is in the interest of Christians to keep silent about criticism of Islam because if […]

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“No King But Caesar!” — The Dangers Of Excessive Nationalism

By Theodore Shoebat The Israelites wanted a king, even though God was their king. They wanted a human king, so they got a tyrant named Saul who murdered the priests of Israel. Christ came to the Israelites and told them that He was their King, but they rejected Him and said that Caesar — who […]

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burkina faso

Islamic Terrorists Stop Bus And Shoot Four People In The Head In Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a tiny nation in West Africa that we have advised needs to be watched as terrorism has been rising in her, and it appears she may be tied to geopolitical attempts at securing access to oil and gas fields in West Africa. In a recent development, Islamic terrorists stopped a bus and […]

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China Furious After France Sends Warship Through Taiwan Strait

It is a popular myth that France is a “weak” nation, as they have the fifth most powerful military on Earth after the US, Russia, China, and India. In a rare move, the France Navy sent a warship through the Taiwan Strait to the praise of the US and the anger of China according to […]

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