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Erik Prince Is Planning To Send Mercenaries To Venezuela To Help Overthrow Maduro, And He Wants To Get Funding From Venezuelan Money

By Theodore Shoebat Eric Prince, the founder of the mercenary group, Blackwater, is currently planning on sending mercenaries into Venezuela to help topple Nicolas Maduro, according to Reuters which made an exclusive report on this from four sources with information on this situation.  Prince is reportedly working to gain funds from wealthy Venezuelan exiles. He […]

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Sodomite US Ambassador Says That Evangelical Christian And Vice President Pence Supports The “Plan” To Advance Homosexuality Around The World

Many people want to believe that President Trump is a “Christian”, even though his life is completely the opposite of that which a Christian lives. Others will point to Vice President Mike Pence and cite his evangelical ties as evidence of the support of Christianity in the Trump administration. Being a Christian involves many things, […]

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Russian Cannibal Who Murdered His Roommate, Dismembered His Body, And Told Police He Ate His “Tasty Brains” Commits Suicide In Prison

In October 2018, profiled the case of a 21-year-old man who was murdered by another man and his girlfriend, dismembered, and his body cooked and eaten one piece at a time, including that they put the victim’s head in a microwave, fried his heart, and then, as one of the murderer, identified as Arkady […]

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Donald Trump: ‘Military Action Against Venezuela Is Possible. If Thats Whats Required, Thats What The United States Will Do.’

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo conveyed what he called the “incredibly consistent” message of president Trump regarding the situation in Venezuela: “The president has been crystal clear and incredibly consistent. Military action is possible. If thats whats required, thats what the United States will do.”    

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Pentagon Openly Admits Plan For Long-Term Occupation Of Syria For Oil, Meanwhile The Syrian People Are Having A Fuel Shortage

Oil is the life-blood of the American economy- stop the flow of oil and her ability to function stops. Because of this, she will attempt to concentrate as many oil and potential oil reserves for herself, and will use force to do so. The invasion of Syria is already a scandal, since it has resulted […]

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burkina faso violence

Islamic Terrorists Assault Church In Burkina Faso, Murder A Pastor And Five Others

Much focus has been on the church bombing in Sri Lanka. However, the tiny West African nation of Burkina Faso, which has been going through a series of terrorist attacks, has experienced another church attack after six people were gunned down by Islamic terrorists, murdering the pastor and five others according to a report: Gunmen […]

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Islamic Terrorists Attack Nigerian Village And Set It On Fire Murdering Twenty-One People

Twenty-one people were slaughtered by Islamic terrorists after they set fire to a village in Nigeria according to a report: Boko Haram fighters killed 21 people when they stormed into Kuda village in northeastern Nigeria and set it on fire, residents said on Tuesday. Militants in four trucks flanked by gunmen on motorbikes swept into […]

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