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The symbol on the right is that of the MEK, the Islamic-Marxist terrorist group, who the US is supporting.

The Policy Of The United States Towards Iran Has Nothing To Do With Fighting Terrorism And Is Being Done To Back Islamic Marxist Terrorists

By Walid & Theodore Shoebat While there has been much talk about Iran being a threat to the United States, a British military official, Major General Chris Ghika, has said that the threat level of Iran has not changed at all. He told reporters at the Pentagon: “No, there’s been no increased threat from Iranian-backed […]

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Will Abortion Die Out, Only To Be Replaced By A New Form Of Eugenics?

Georgia and Alabama have both passed strict laws against abortion, limiting it in most cases. Other states in the South and Midwest are considering similar measures. The states in the Northern and coastal areas have greatly liberalized abortion, up to the point of promoting infanticide. All of these laws are setting up for a Supreme […]

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Polish Ambassador Assaulted In ‘Racial Attack’ In Israel, Polish Government Demands Answers

In January 2018, Poland was made the center of a controversy generated by Israeli lobbying groups, Jewish groups, and various members in the Israeli government alongside various western media outlets for promoting the use of the term “Polish Death Camps” to describe the military installations established by Germany in occupied Poland during World War II […]

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Alabama Passes STRICTEST Ban On Abortion In The Nation

Alabama, known as the “Heart of Dixie,” and not to be outdone by her neighbor of Georgia, passed the strictest laws against abortion in the nation, making it a felony: The Alabama State Senate passed a near-total abortion ban in a 25 to 6 vote on Tuesday night. The legislation provides no exceptions for rape […]

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