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bryan crusius

Why Does The Wal-Mart Shooter’s Father Make Videos Online Sitting In Front Of A Giant Star Of David?

Information continues to emerge about the Wal-Mart shooter, for so little is known about him. However, one question that we have found which few people are answering is why is the shooter’s father, who has been positively identified as Bryan Crusius, making videos online sitting in front of a giant Star of David, which is […]

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The Shooter Who Butchered As Many As 20 People In El Paso Was A Trump Supporter Who Hated Immigrants And “Race Mixing”

By Theodore Shoebat The shooter who murdered over a dozen people in a Walmart in El Past was a Trump supporter who hated immigrants and “race mixing.” The shooter wrote a manifesto in which he expressed his support for the Christchurch shooter, Brenton Tarrant. You can see this sentiment clearly in his manifesto: He was […]

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New Study States That 25% Of People Lie About Their Financial State To Their Significant Others

There is a lot of talk about “alpha males” in social discourse. However, many times “alpha” is just another way of saying “I have money.” This has become painfully apparent with a recent study, where 25% of people have lied to a significant other about their financial status- and it certainly was most likely not […]

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russian siberia wildfires

Massive Wildfires Larger Than The State Of Maryland Ravage Russia

I have written before about the threat of major natural disasters in the US and how it could be used as a tool of geopolitical destabilization. The same also applies to Russia, for given the vast amount of land in her nation, she has many of the same concerns. This is clear right now with […]

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walmart shoting el paso

Massive Shooting At Walmart In El Paso, At Least Eighteen People Are Dead

Eighteen people are dead and possibly more after at least one man walked into a Wal-Mart in El Paso and started shooting people according to a report: A shooting at the Walmart in the Cielo Vista Mall area has left multiple people dead, an El Paso police officer said Saturday. An El Paso police spokesman […]

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cover photo -- trump, abe, nuke

The United States Government Wants Japan To Have Nuclear Weapons

By Theodore Shoebat Just recently, the Joint Force Quarterly, a military newspaper that is published by the National Defense University, a national security university funded by the Department of Defense, released an article pushing the United States government to give Japan American nukes. In the article, entitled: Twenty-first Century Nuclear Deterrence, it reads, “Furthermore, the United States should strongly […]

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