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Germany and Poland

Germany Apologizes To Poland For Invading Her In The Second World War

In an interesting gesture, Germany has publicly apologized to Poland for invading her 80 years ago in what historians mark as the beginning of the Second World War: German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Sunday asked Poland’s forgiveness for history’s bloodiest conflict during a ceremony in the Polish city of Wielun, where the first World War […]

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The Trump administration wants to deport people like Maria Bueso (right) who suffers from a disability and gets treatment in the United States

The Trump Administration Now Wants To Deport Cripples And Deformed People

By Theodore Shoebat The real threat to the United States is not war, famine or disease, nor corporations worth hundreds of billions and can one encroach on your privacy, your freedoms and may just one day put people in slave labor camps. The threat to the US is not its own government which can surveil […]

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Activists of Bajrang Dal hold their weapons in Agra

India Plans Giant Detention Camps For Muslims In Eastern India, And This Is Even Worse Than It Sounds

India is waging a war against Christianity and Islam right now which Hindu nationalists openly admit they want to end in a racial-religious genocide of both groups in the name of creating a “pure Hindu ethnostate” called a “Hindutva Bharat,” or the “Rashtriya”. Much concern has been raised over the building of what appear to […]

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Indian Economy Tanks, Major Concerns Over Unemployment And Talk Of Recession

India is a country with a large population and economy, but in spite of her tremendous growth, she is now facing a potential recession amid worsening employment concerns: Credit analysts are keeping a watchful eye on signs of stress in Indian household debt after unemployment rose to a 45-year high and as lenders grapple with […]

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By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special #2) Septemper 1st, 2019 This is a continuation of the last lesson from yesterday (as promised) where I attempted to reason with Uncle Sam and his children to save this ship. Captain Kirk curious about the alien world has diverted from the Handbook navigating into the Black Hole and the whole […]

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The Thirteenth Amendment Does NOT Abolish Slavery- It Just Makes Slavery Worse

Slavery is a hot-button political issue in the US that is exploited by both parties for gain when it is convenient. As a general rule, since the complete passing into history of the last generations of Americans who either lived in or saw the slavery of the 19th century, it is common to speak of […]

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