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The Case FOR Islamophobia.

The Case FOR Honor Killing-Phobia

One of the most frustrating things for westerners since 9/11 has been the unwillingness of ‘peaceful’ Muslims to stand against the extremists. That frustration includes a premise that says such Muslims aren’t doing anything. However, what happens when these ‘peaceful’ Muslims actually work against you? In Canada, ‘peaceful’ Muslims are objecting to the use of […]

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Religious Liberty Leads To Tyranny

By Theodore Shoebat All of civilization, came as a result of religious intolerance. When the Hebrews invaded Canaan, they overthrew the high places, for which children were burnt alive, toppled down the gods for which the heathens ate human flesh and indulged in the greatest violence, and placed the banner of Yahweh over the vanquished […]

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Al-Kashif: Time to make this Benghazi suspect famous (and Egypt $5 million richer)?

State Dept acknowledges Egyptian Terror Group in Libya

**NOTE: This Post constitutes EXHIBIT AF in our “Ironclad” Report.** Regular visitors to our site are likely familiar with the name Muhammad Jamal Abdo Al-Kashif. He is an Egyptian whose name inspired the Jamal Network that has been widely acknowledged to have played a role in the Benghazi attack on 9/11/12. Al-Kashif was released from […]

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Imagine the headline if the Cop was an Israeli (photo via the Guardian)

Fighting the Brotherhood: Egypt Allowed, Israel Not

We’re all familiar with the cycle by now. Hamas launches rockets indiscriminately into Israeli neighborhoods. Israel exhibits an absurd level of tolerance until a breaking point is reached. Attacks on Hamas by the Israelis are met with international pressure that includes mainstream media’s portrayal of Israel as the bully and Hamas as the victim. When […]

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Today’s Barrack Show: Should Kenya Investigate Obamas?

On Today’s show… We take a look at some newly discovered information about Musa Ismail Obama’s efforts to provide aid to the Dadaab Refugee camp in Northeastern Kenya, close to the border with Somalia. According to multiple members of the Kenyan Parliament, Dadaab has become a magnet for al-Shabaab terrorists. Al-Shabaab took credit for the […]

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Photo from O'Bagy Facebook page appears to show O'Bagy and Soliman.

Elizabeth O’Bagy’s Syrian Task Force Defunct?

**UPDATE on October 8, 2013 at 10:46am EST** The Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF) website appears to be back online. While Moustafa is still listed as the “Executive Director”, there appears to have been some additional deck shuffling. The number of “Policy Fellows” has dwindled from three down to one (Evan Barrett is the only […]

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Robin Morris: A victim who didn't have to die.

The Unnecessarily Tragic Tale of Robin Morris in Peshawar

Robin Morris was one of the victims of the recent suicide bombing in Peshawar, Pakistan. While his injuries should not have been considered life-threatening, he is no longer alive. Robin’s passing was both tragic and unnecessary, not because of the attack but because of a lack of treatment afterward. Here is a note we received […]

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Punish American People or our Govt; Freedom at Stake

By Keith Davies Inside the Washington beltway establishment, the rhetoric in the media would have you believe Republicans are evil and Democrats, saints. If one cares to understand propaganda when he sees it, it is blatantly obvious that this president is determined to force communism on the American people and even destroy the wealth of […]

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General Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi: Another Brotherhood smackdown.

Egypt’s El-Sisi shows First Amendment not Absolute

Most assuredly, when the founders of the U.S. Constitution wrote the first amendment, they either didn’t understand or didn’t sufficiently acknowledge the future threat of Islam. The closest they came to doing so was the Barbary Wars of 1801 and 1815. Today, when Islamists attempt to seize the mantle of a free press, they have […]

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Miller: Did he misuse the term, "Jihad"?

Dem. Congressman: Republicans waging Peaceful Struggle

We are constantly told that the word “Jihad” does not mean anything violent. Instead, we’re told, it is a word that westerners simply don’t understand and that it means “inner struggle” or “struggle within”. According to the Centre for Peace and Spirituality website, Jihad is a “peaceful struggle” and that the word for war in […]

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Islam is a political ideology and terrorism is just one tactic used to push it. Despite being the victim of countless acts of Islamic terrorism, America still has not grasped the full nature of Jihad. America is barely 200 years old and it is fighting a culture of deceit that was formed 14 centuries ago that it simply doesn't understand. After the worst attack on U.S. soil took place on September 11, 2001, America's leaders reached out to leaders of stealth Muslim Brotherhood front groups to help them fight terrorism. It was a fatally flawed strategy that far better served Islam than America.

The Islamic version of good cop / bad cop pits the stealth jihadist against the terrorist. Whether wilfully ignorant or not, western leaders then fail to act from the premise that both the good cop and the bad cop have the same agenda, just different means of achieving it.

Islam is an extremely racist belief structure that is rooted in hatred for all non-Muslims, particularly Jews and Christians. This hatred is masked by finding Jewish and Christian leaders who will help stealth jihadists portray tolerance while painting as intolerant and 'Islamophobic' anyone who calls them on it. Any attempts by stealth Islamists to portray tolerance of other faiths is more deceit.

In addition to bringing you the barbaric reality that is Islamic terrorism, reveals the other tactics used in Islam to commit various forms of jihad. For example, the Muslim Brotherhood is the largest Sunni Islamic umbrella group. While the Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas and al-Qaeda, which all are creatures of the Muslim Brotherhood, are made up of Islamic terrorists, other Muslim Brotherhood groups – like the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Muslim Students Association (MSA) – wear a different face. Their jihad is political in nature and seeks to acquire power through the American political system.

Whether through terrorist or stealth jihadist, Islam seeks to have jihad carried out in various capacities. The ultimate objective of the Muslim Brotherhood is the resurrection of the Islamic Caliphate, which was previously known as the Ottoman Empire, located in what is today known as Turkey. As the Muslim Brotherhood serves as the umbrella for various terrorist and jihadist groups, The Caliph of any future Ottoman Empire will be served by the Muslim Brotherhood.