Entebbe: The Price of Freedom

First published June 25th last year

By Keith Davies

Next week, on July 4th, we celebrate America’s 237th birthday but 37 years ago, on our 200th birthday, we had something more to add to our celebration of freedom. Our Bicentennial was also the day that Israel rescued 105 hostages that were held by Arab, German and Ugandan terrorists at Entebbe airport in Uganda. This raid was the most daring and courageous effort in all annals of military history. The film “Operation Thunderbolt” – made by Israeli filmmakers Golan-Globus Productions – captures most accurately how the Israeli Commandos, led by Jonathan Netanyahu, the brother of Israel’s current Prime Minister, carried out the rescue. Watch it and be awestruck at the bravery and skill of these soldiers.

Jonathan was killed during the raid.

The only fatality of an IDF soldier during the Entebbe Raid  was Yoni Netanyahu

The only fatality of an IDF soldier during the Entebbe Raid was Yoni Netanyahu

This event is rarely even discussed today, whether internationally, in our media, on its anniversary, or any other day. Triumphant Jews standing for freedom is most definitely politically incorrect. On the other hand, any time a Muslim terrorist murders a Jew or Westerner, every excuse is used to explain away the phenomenon of cold-blooded murder inspired by Allah’s command of Jihad. Islamic oppression is explained away and the real freedom fighters are blackballed as evil and oppressors.

On this website, we will champion the righteous lovers of freedom, those who will stand against evil and for God’s given rights as espoused in the Bible and in our Constitution. If one bothers to do any research on our founding documents, he will discover that they were all inspired by the Bible. Yet, we have allowed our country to be taken over by evil, secular leaders who’ve been put in power by either an ignorant, ill-informed electorate or a selfish population who would rather receive a free handout than take on the responsibility of self-reliance.

It is very appropriate that July 4th was the day Israel launched the attack at Entebbe, although not by choice but by necessity in that the hijackers’ deadline to kill the hostages was drawing very near. That deadline was July 4th, the very same day that America declared its independence from Tyranny.

Thirty-seven years later, the freedom of the entire world is in jeopardy, thanks in large part, to two realities:

  1. Our government has devolved into an entity that has a reckless and nearly complete disregard for the Constitution.
  2. The threat of Islamic supremacists who use Jihad to attack our freedoms by intimidating us into giving even more of them up.

The hostages at Entebbe were held at gunpoint and threatened, just as we are all now being threatened by the very same Jihadi intimidation. Yet, there are no Commandos in the so called free world to stand up to the threat, not even the current Israeli government. The Israeli government in 1976 was Labor and left-wing but it stood up to the terrorists. Bibi – a so-called “right winger” – talks a great game but tough rhetoric with inaction is still inaction. We’ll inevitably be labeled as members of the peanut gallery who don’t understand political nuance (it is indeed amazing how those unwilling to offend terrorists are all too willing to offend those of us who point it out). Israel is too concerned with not offending America and the rest of the world. We are all seemingly too afraid to offend everyone and anyone.

It is time, my fellow Americans and lovers of freedom, to be offended by the ones who are scared to offend. When it comes to freedom we need to be as offensive as possible. On our website, we will offend everyone and anyone who attempts to compromise freedom in any way. We are not interested in increased traffic and followers unless they want freedom. We are not interested in watering down our faith or our message.

We are inspired by the father of the American revolution, Samuel Adams, who said:

“It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”

The Entebbe rescue was a statement of action, not words. Entebbe showed what courage and bravery is. Entebbe showed the world that freedom comes with a price.

What our leaders show us today is antithetical to courage, bravery and the fortitude to defend freedom. It is time for ‘We the People’ to take a stand for Freedom, to take America back from the corruption of Washington, D.C. and to either destroy or neutralize Islamic jihadists of every stripe. Remember George Washington and Jonathan Netanyahu on July 4th and when you remember them, be inspired to do something about your freedom and the freedom of the United States of America.

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Happy July 4th to all our readers and supporters.


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