Senator Ted launches a Cruz Missile at the IRS (Contact his office about Lois Lerner / Malik Obama)

The junior U.S. Senator from Texas has just launched another Cruz missile at the IRS. In a Press Release from Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), he is calling for the abolition of the IRS and Fundamental Tax Reform, to include either a flat tax or the FAIR Tax:

“IRS targeting of American citizens is a threat and challenge, but also an inspiration,” said Cruz. “It is an inspiration that these leaders are standing up. It is a threat that the federal government is targeting, not big corporations or lobbyists, but normal American citizens that are standing up for liberty. It is a challenge that we all face to limit the power of Washington.”

Sen. Cruz called for the abolition of the IRS saying, “After these revelations of political targeting by the IRS, we need to padlock and shut down the building, abolish the IRS, and move to a flat tax or the FAIR Tax.”

In light of what has been learned about the Barack H. Obama Foundation’s founder and president, Malik Obama, it’s time to provide the Senator with the parts necessary to assemble another Cruz missile that he can direct at Lois Lerner, the Director of Exempt Organizations. Lerner granted the Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF), headed by Malik Obama (President Obama’s half-brother) expeditious and illegally retroactive tax-exempt status.

That’s not the worst part.

The worst part is that in so doing, Lerner likely became an accessory to terror funding.

Please contact the Senator’s office with information that will help him expose Lois Lerner, whom the IRS appears to be protecting. If Lerner is allowed to remain on paid leave after what she’s done, the truth about her aiding Malik Obama will not just make her beg for immunity but it will implicate the IRS itself.

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