Ironclad: Egypt Involved in Benghazi Attacks

Here is the report we promised (linked at bottom).

While it’s far too early to predict what’s going to happen in the wake of reports that the Egyptian military has suspended the Constitution and ousted Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Mursi, Americans have an additional reason to cheer for Mursi’s ouster. Evidence that both Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government and Mursi himself were involved in the attacks on the U.S. Special Mission Compound (SMC) and C.I.A. Annex is becoming rather incontrovertible.

As we reported, evidence implicating Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government in general, President Mohammed Mursi in particular, in the Benghazi attacks on 9/11/12 is corroborated by a Libyan Intelligence document and a cell phone video. However, as we further analyzed the document, we found that it aligned with other reporting we had done soon after the attacks.

In particular, the selection of the Innocence of Muslims video as a source of outrage for Egyptians was a very calculated and premeditated effort. We reported about this in the days and weeks after 9/11/12 but additional information gleaned from the Libyan Intelligence document corroborates our findings and even further implicates Mursi and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood in the attacks.

This additional information made it necessary for us to include additional findings that fit perfectly. Instead of writing an entirely new report, we thought it best to incorporate these findings into our June 30th report and present it as an entirely new report. We did not add these findings as an addendum. Instead we inserted them into the existing report without deleting anymore information.

The report that used to be entitled, Hostage Crisis: The Blind Sheikh, Benghazi and Smoking Guns…

…has just become the far more comprehensive report entitled, IRONCLAD: EGYPT INVOLVED IN BENGHAZI ATTACKS

As the future of Egypt hangs in the balance, the evidence against Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood in the Benghazi attacks is astonishingly conclusive.


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