Video: Egyptian citizen calls out Obama for supporting “Terrorists”

Don’t look now but the Egyptian citizens are really starting to put American citizens – who appear to have outsourced the job of holding their own president accountable – to shame. In this case, an Egyptian citizen calls out Barack Obama for the latter’s support of terrorists, the Muslim Brotherhood and the regime of Mohammed Mursi. Pay attention at the :30 mark, when this guy refers to Obama’s support for the “friends of Omar Abdel-Rahman”. This is the “Blind Sheikh” whose release Mursi had been demanding ever since assuming office last year.

By referring to the “friends” of the “Blind Sheikh”, this guy is necessarily including Mursi. We have reported on the overwhelming evidence that suggests Mursi himself was very involved in the Benghazi attacks on 9/11/12.

It is indeed noteworthy that on the day Mursi was ousted, the Obama administration appeared to indicate that aid to Egypt would be suspended. Now, people like the young man in the video as well as a huge number of protesters have likely played a hand in the administration’s decision not to suspend aid, John McCain notwithstanding.

If only it were more obvious to more people about how obviously pro-Muslim Brotherhood the Obama administration is. It’s certainly obvious to Egyptians.

h/t BNI


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