Video: Egyptian Protesters doing the work Americans won’t do

The anti-Mohammed Mursi protesters in Egypt know what’s going on in America. They know that the Barack Obama administration has been supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and they know the mainstream media has assumed the position of Obama lapdogs. The problem is that too few Americans either know or care. In the video below of protests in the Egyptian street, we completely understand where the guy with the CNN sign is coming from. When it comes to experiencing CNN’s gross dishonesty, Walid’s is a firsthand experience.

Last week, Egyptian police confiscated the camera of CNN propagandist Ben Wedeman as the anchor back at the desk seemed apoplectic at the notion that her colleague’s first amendment rights had been hampered by the guys in charge. Considering the pro-Muslim Brotherhood leanings of CNN, it wouldn’t surprise us if the police / military lumped them in with Al-Jazeera; it would have been warranted.

Pay attention to the guy at the :18 mark. He knows exactly who the Muslim Brotherhood is and gives a history lesson that would put America’s low-information voters to shame (and to sleep).

The protests the Obama administration has worked so hard to avoid coming to fruition in the U.S. (think IRS scandal) appear to be manifesting in Egypt. These are massive protests that are identifying Obama and western mainstream media outlets as culprits in the Mursi disaster. In essence, they’re doing the work Americans won’t do.

When it comes to CNN, we totally understand where this guy is coming from

When it comes to CNN, we totally understand where this guy is coming from

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