Patterson accused of belonging to ‘Sleeper cell’

Anne Patterson, U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, was accused by an Egyptian politician of belonging to a Muslim Brotherhood ‘sleeper cell’.

Despite its attempts to convince the world that it’s neutral when it comes to who leads Egypt, the new Egyptian government isn’t buying what the Obama administration is selling. At least one Egyptian politician thinks that U.S. Ambassador to Egypt – Anne Patterson – is a stealth apparatchik for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Via Raymond Ibrahim at Gatestone Institute (h/t Breitbart):

“…one Egyptian politician, Mustafa Bakari, concluded that “in my opinion, she [Patterson] is a member of the sleeper cells of the Brotherhood, likely recruited by Essam al-Erian or Muhammad al-Baltagi.”

Last week, despite assurances from the Obama administration that it wasn’t taking sides, State Department spokesman Jen Psaki called for the release of Mohammed Mursi, the ousted President of Egypt who was a Muslim Brotherhood leader:

Here is a news report from just a few days prior to Psaki’s comments:

Mr. Bakari doesn’t appear to be the only Egyptian to hold this view.

Egyptian Politician: Patterson part of 'Brotherhood... sleeper cell'

Egyptian Politician: Patterson part of ‘Brotherhood… sleeper cell’


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