Islam Resembles the Skink

By Bob Michael
LAPD Police Detective Capt. (Ret)

I certainly am not a biologist. I am an historian of sorts and law enforcement by profession. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and I believe that satan is active all over the world. I also believe there are two great personages of satan today – Marxism and Islam. It appears to me that President Obama represents both of these. Ultimately, the latter is the greatest threat.

We must look at Islam from both a macro and micro approach to really understand it, and we need to understand and expose it at every opportunity. The macro and micro views are important and akin to a macro and micro view of cancer. Cancer from afar makes people a little nervous, but cancer inside oneself, family and friends has an entirely different reality than when it is more theoretical. Islam in Pakistan or Iran might cause some nervousness in people, but the cancer of Islam in one’s country or region, as in one’s own body, might be very deadly.

That old saying about a recession is when your neighbor is out of a job and a depression is when you’re out of one, is quite apt in this regard.

When considering Islam, a man made concept, from a macro view, we should understand that never in the history of this world has such an undertaking to so evilly dominate the world, taken place. There is nothing even close to it, not even the earlier conquests of Islam.

Ghengis Khan, Alexander the Great, Atilla, Tamerlane… not one of these approach Islam today, whether by area, national boundary or, ferocity. None of these was ever really capable of regeneration, as Islam today is. It has been beaten, but never died. It has been damaged, but always regenerated as a Skink regenerates. Also, as the Skink, underground is its realm until destructive power is gained. Underground is where Islam does much of its devious work.

The Skink

The Skink

Islam is at work in every geographic area of the globe. Accordingly, there are two easily recognizable faces of Islam; they are the Mecca and the Medina periods of Islamic activity. These are so named paralleling the history of the growth of Islam.

In Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Muhammad was weak and his message was peace. His message of Islam was about the oneness of his god and the rejection of polytheism, generosity towards the poor and the needy, kind treatment and freeing of slaves, and the equality between men and women before God. However, the god of Mecca was Hubal and the idol brought wealth to Mecca. Muhammad’s message was not welcome in Mecca and he was run out of the city.

Muhammad took his religion to Medina, Saudi Arabia, where Islam became strong, warring and violent; its message changed to enslavement, conquest, butchery, and murder. No longer was Islam’s message about peace, as it was no longer weak.

But Islam today is the chameleon, using its ability to change its appearance. In many areas of the world, it is in the soft peace stage, as it appears in the Americas and in some parts of Asia, Australia, and even areas of Europe. That is not to say that it is not aggressive, but it is not yet murderous as a standard practice. In other areas of Europe – Albania for instance – the Middle East, Africa, or Turkey the populous is under no illusion as to what Islam is; just to outsiders.

So much for the macro of Islam, which is very important to really understanding and defeating it. But micro knowledge and feeling is essential to seeing the real Islam along with its violent and deadly tentacles that seek evermore malignant growth. I don’t need to expand here as Walid and his web postings do a good job of that.

If the words violence and lying have become commonplace by over usage, then we need only read of what is happening to Christians in Pakistan, Syria, and Egypt with the murderous bombings of churches and the kidnappings, rapes, and forced marriages of little girls. The automatic weapon firing squad executions of little boys in Syria, or the beheadings of Christian priests in Syria are all clear evidence of the butchery Muhammad ordered in his Quran. If that doesn’t prod us to action then we need to get ready for the weeping Medina Islam will cause us.

Islam is the sworn deadly and viperous enemy of all peoples of the world who do not convert to it; Muslims are its practitioners.



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