Proof Obama lied about Benghazi?

In a court of law, once a witness is found to be lying (just once), the credibility of that witness is gone and his/her testimony is thrown out. In fact, that witness’s testimony helps the other side because it’s a direct reflection on the side that called said witness.

Do Obamacare lies prove President knowingly lied about Benghazi?

Do Obamacare lies prove President knowingly lied about Benghazi?

The President of the United States is constantly open to being subpoenaed by the court of public opinion. When it comes to Barack Obama, he lied at least 36 times when he told the American people they could “keep their doctor” and “keep their plan” if they wished to do so. That would make 36 lies. The mindless lemmings who follow him and continue to do so while giving him the benefit of the doubt by saying he didn’t knowingly lie run into a problem because of what he said on November 4th (h/t Eric Bolling, who pointed this out during an episode of The Five on November 5th).

“What we said was you could keep it IF it hasn’t changed since the law passed.”

Anyone who wants to assert that the 36 times were honest mistakes cannot dismiss that statement. It is a L-I-E. Obama knowingly told a lie when he uttered it.

That lie should not only discredit his testimony; it should indict him.

We can therefore conclude based on his pathology that Barack Obama (not just Susan Rice) knowingly lied when he blamed Benghazi on a video.

Via Washington Free Beacon:

Those who defend Obama – to include Obama himself and his administration – should now have the heavier burden. If his lies about Obamacare don’t prove he knowingly lied about Benghazi being about a video, they should render meaningless any claims by him that he didn’t.

Now take another look at what Obama said on David Letterman’s show on September 18, 2012, just four days after he greeted the caskets of four Americans and their families:


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