U.N. Head compares Muslims to Jews while at Auschwitz

While on his way to… wait for it… a Climate Change conference in Poland, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon stopped to visit Auschwitz in an attempt to pay respects. In so doing, he compared the Jews who died there to Muslims he says are being persecuted today and are getting virtually no help.

Ban Ki Moon: compares Jews to Muslims and believes in Man-made Climate Change.

Ban Ki Moon: compares Jews to Muslims and believes in Man-made Climate Change.

Here is a portion of Ban’s comments while in Auschwitz:

“In the years since, the flames of hatred and persecution have risen again to consume other societies – from the killing fields of Cambodia to the forests of Srebrenica and to the hills of Rwanda. Even today, the fire smoulders. Anti-Semitism retains its hold in too many places. In Europe and elsewhere, migrants, Muslims, Roma and other minorities face rising discrimination — and find too few defenders.” {emphasis ours}

Did you catch who Ban omitted from his list of victims? That’s right, the hundreds of thousands of Christians who are actual victims of barbaric Muslim persecution today. In Pakistan, Christians are being arrested, tortured, charged, and in some cases executed for violating blasphemy laws meant to enforce Sharia. The hell that has befallen these people rivals what happened in Auschwitz. Yet, Ban visits an empty Auschwitz while defacing it with his comparisons during a stopover on a trip to tout junk science while real victims are ignored.

Before the ‘Arab Spring’ there were an estimated 176,000 Christians martyred around the globe for their faith in just one year.

Here are some more of Ban’s words while at Auschwitz:

“I am truly overwhelmed and humbled. No words can adequately express my feelings. How can a state and individuals be so cruel and use systematic brutality against humanity?” Ban said, noting he’d twice visited Yad Vashem and the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.

“Yet nothing can truly prepare one for this epicenter of evil, where systematic murder unique in human history reached its atrocious climax,” Ban continued. “I stare at the piles of glasses, hair, shoes, prayer shawls and dolls, and try to imagine the individual Jews and others to whom they belonged. I stand in disbelief before the gas chambers and crematorium — and shudder at at the cruelty of those who designed this death factory.” {emphasis ours}

Memo to Hanky-Ban Ki Moon… Not only has the “epicenter” of evil moved but it’s moved to a place beneath the feet of a group that collaborated with Hitler and the Nazis to exterminate so many of those Jews – the Muslim Brotherhood. This is the entity perpetrating a modern day holocaust all around the globe while the Nazis are essentially a non-factor comparatively speaking. In fact, far more Muslims are dying at the hands of Muslims than from any other group.

Yet, Ban thinks a junk science like man-made Climate Change deserves more attention.


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