Political Debate turns into Water Fight

What do you get when you televise a debate between a pro-Muslim Brotherhood lawyer and a supporter of Mohammed Mursi’s removal from power this past summer? To call it lively does an injustice to animated theatrics. The guy on the left is the Islamic fundamentalist lawyer named Mustasir Al-Zayyat who actually walks off the set before coming back for round 2. A short time later, he decides to throw water on his opponent, Abdel-Halim Qandil, a more secular-minded Muslim.

Debate: Keep your eye on that Mug.

Debate: Keep your eye on that Mug.

Note how calm everyone seems at the beginning, with Al-Zayyat talking about how much respect and esteem he has for the moderator and his opponent.

Things then get quite heated (keep your eye on Al-Zayyat’s cup) to the point of hurling H2O on one another. Be sure to watch facial expressions at the end of the video. That’s really all you can focus on because everyone seems so embarrassed that no one talks.

Wouldn’t you love to see these guys with Super Soakers?

Here is the exchange from Mehwar TV, via MEMRI:


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