Girl Tied to Tree, Set on Fire

An 18 year-old girl is in critical condition, with burns on over seventy percent of her body. She was found tied to a tree. Those suspected of committing this heinous crime are not only her own brothers; their defense is that she had tried to commit suicide.

Another victim of attempted honor killing.

Another victim of attempted honor killing.

Via Pakistan Tribune (h/t GWP):

An 18-year-old girl suspected of having an affair was burnt allegedly by her brothers in Khanewal on Thursday. She was taken to Nishtar Hospital, where she was reported to be in critical condition.

Police said her brothers have denied the allegations. They said she had tried to commit suicide.

A case has been registered against four people. The eldest of the brothers was detained for a while. The suspects have been told not to leave town until investigations are completed, police said.

The only sister of four brothers, police said the girl was tied to a tree at her home in Chak 151/10-R in Jahanian and set on fire.

Police said some neighbours rushed to her rescue on hearing her cries and found the house locked. They said one of her brothers, Imran alias Langra, came to the door and told them to leave saying “it is a family matter”.

What people must begin to understand is that victims such as these are not outliers; this type of thing is becoming increasingly common. Something else that is common in such cases is that the perpetrators usually deny committing these heinous acts that they sickeningly find honorable. If they’re so “honorable”, why deny committing them?