Greatest Holocaust in Human History has already begun

By Keith Davies

U.S. Senator Guy M. Gillette introduced a resolution along with eleven other Senators with intent of devising a plan to save European Jews from persecution:

The Problem is Immediate. The problem is essentially a humanitarian one. It is not a Jewish problem alone. It is a Christian problem and a problem for enlightened civilization. We have talked; we have sympathized, we have expressed our horror, the time to act is long past due. – United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, December 20, 1943, concerning the genocide of the Jews in Europe

Senator Guy Gillette, a Democrat who did the right thing.

Senator Guy Gillette, a Democrat who did the right thing.

The Senate Foreign Relations committee should repeat the above statement today when it comes to the Christians of Asia, the Middle East and Africa. A new Holocaust is befalling these Christians. The Governments of the West, the media and the church are hardly vocal. As for action, their consciences seem to be collectively devoid of an awareness of their responsibility to humanity. Last year, 165,000 Christians were murdered. Over the last ten years, millions have been displaced in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria, Guinea, Sudan and other places.

The world powers ignore and do nothing; they are doing even less than they did for the Jews. The Armenian genocide was the first Holocaust of the twentieth century, started ninety-eight years ago and the same silence from the West is more than apparent. Even today, the USA government will not recognize the history of the Armenian genocide out of some twisted concern over Turkey’s feelings. Though a resolution in the House Foreign Affairs committee narrowly passed in 2010 that would acknowledge the Armenian genocide for what it was, it went no further for fear of upsetting the relationship between the U.S. and Turkey.

As a result of the West’s silence between 1915 and 1918, 2.2 million Armenian and Chaldean Christians were brutally hanged, beheaded, starved, forced marched or worked to death. Their fate inspired Hitler to ethnically cleanse the Jews in a very similar fashion. It was the Islamic-inspired genocide of the Armenian and Chaldean Christians that is repeating itself in front of your eyes. We on this blog are documenting this for history, we are crying out in the wilderness for people to awaken. We do not just speak words but we are acting too. With the help of our readers who generously donate to us, we are putting in an escape route for hopefully hundreds of thousands people. We are feverishly engaged in raising the funds to put in a miraculous plan, which has been established but now requires us to attain several thousand monthly partners to execute this very realistic plan of action. We have several hundred monthly partners but we need many more. Can you help? If you can, click here. Please also share this article with other fellow Christians and Jews.

Prior to 1942, Zionist Hillel Kook (aka Peter Bergson) tried to establish a Jewish army to defend against the Arab armies who would attack the future Israel once the state was eventually established. He was also involved in helping Jews enter mandate Palestine while avoiding the British restrictions on immigration. After reading in the newspaper about the mass slaughter of Jews in Europe, Bergson decided to abandon this cause and set about to try and save his brethren in Europe with the establishment of an activist movement – ‘the emergency committee to save the Jews’. His story is documented in an incredible book called A Race against Death in which his work to save the Jews of Europe is relayed by the award winning historian David S. Wyman, a non-Jew who has specialized in documenting the history of the holocaust and especially the Western powers’ antipathy to the fate of European Jewry.

Bergson: Rescued Jews.

Bergson: Rescued Jews.

In 1973 Peter Bergson stated:

On the issue of the extermination of the Jews and our rescue work with the Emergency Committee. The Jews were being killed – it wasn’t any more four million to save. We started off [in December 1942] by saying a memorial to two million dead Jews, save the others, while the figures were changing like in a race, so many killed and many to go. You didn’t really know if there were still Jews there, you hoped there were.

In Europe, before World War Two, there were about nine million Jews. We know that about two thirds were murdered. Today, there are about one hundred million Christians living in Muslim majority countries. The same risk the Jews faced from the Nazis, the Christians face from Islamic fundamentalists. The Biblical prophecies also indicate that the Christians in tribulation will face a fate similar to what the Jews faced. Several million have already been brutally murdered against a backdrop of silence from Christians in the West. We believe that before this ends, as many as seventy million Christians will be murdered. The tragedy is not only their deaths but that we in the West will have turned the other cheek to the injustice faced by our brethren.

Only a relatively few will be called to help their brethren. Will you be one of the few to answer that call? Please help us to save as many as we can and consider an affordable monthly partnership with Rescue Christians.

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