The Greatest Enemy To Christianity, Is In Our Midst

By Theodore Shoebat

The greatest enemy to Christianity, is in our midst. And yet we are ignoring it.

We reap the fruits of Christendom, taste the sweet nectar of its sublime prose; we permit some of its teachings to nurture our weary souls, we let our eyes indulge themselves into the indescribable arts of its advancers, and we delight in the capacious contour of radiance which its ineffable beauties bring.

Yet we do not return to this eternal garden with our affection, but with our lethargy we refuse to walk upon its pathway, on which is carved the infinite ornaments of wisdom that ascend the soul to the eternal empyrean, and that leads to its capacious and refulgent meadows of the truest enlightenment. We pillage it with the sword of indifference, and burn it with the fires of heresy, and all the while we declare our own creed, and that is, that all religions and ideas are of equal value and benefit, without giving even the slightest consideration to the succinct words of God himself:

all they that hate me love death. –Proverbs 8:36

All those who hate God, desire the death of His children, and therefore one of the greatest enemies to humanity, is atheism.

Today this artificial creed has been masqueraded with fanciful terms such as “reason,” “rationalism,” and “science.” But all of theses are but facades to hide the true intentions of the militant atheists: tyranny.

The advancers of atheism claim they desire freedom, but like Cain, as soon as they can convince us to walk beside them in the fields of their perfidious doctrine, they will slaughter the people of God without hesitation, only to look up towards their Creator and say with callous voice, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

The dangerous consequences of atheism are found in that most neglected subject: history, and it is in the annals of mankind’s story where we will find the results of this destructive religion.

This is why it is vital that you see the coming film, Martyred in the USSR: Militant Atheism in the former Soviet Union. It is a very well made documentary on what evils were done to Christians in Communist Russia, where an atheist elite organized the deaths of millions of Christians. Here is the trailer for the film:

The maker of the film, Kevin Gonzalez, explained the purpose of the film:

It is our hope that individuals can learn from the history of the persecution of believers in the USSR and therefore, recognize the harm of a new militant atheist movement today, which promotes the mockery of the religious and the believes they hold sacred.

You might think that atheism is harmless. But ask yourself, how many Christians were butchered under the Atheist regime in Russia?

Twelve Million….

This is a holocaust that has not received its deserved attention. It is virtually unknown. The liberals don’t want you to see it, and the Atheists definitely do not want you to see it. The movie will expose the true desire of militant Atheism, and it will do so through historic facts and footage that you need to see.

In Atheist Russia, church property was seized, and school education was made to indoctrinate students on the superiority of Atheism. This is exactly what the Left wants in America, and they will only succeed with an uneducated society. This is why you need to get educated, and see the movie, Martyred in the USSR: Militant Atheism in the former Soviet Union.

During the 20th century, there was Communist infiltration into the United States, just as there is Islamist infiltration today. Cold War veteran, Christopher Collins, writes:

The Soviet mole, Alexander Gumberg was able to affect various facets of American life and culture by influencing American media, academia, and Hollywood, much like what happened in the former Soviet Union.

One of those communist goals was to infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”

For years I have been involved with a rescue team called, Rescue Christians; we literally take Christians who are being persecuted in Pakistan, Syria, and Iraq, and bring them into safe havens and even into other countries, so that they may be liberated from their Islamic oppressors.

I have heard countless stories of what jihadists do to Christians on a daily basis, and so I have dedicated my life to fighting evil ideologies that are bent on killing Christians and establishing tyranny. I know, from reading history and observing what happens today, that next to Islamism, Atheism is the greatest enemy to Christianity.

So I ask you, to please see the film, and also, get involved in helping the persecuted and donate to save Christian lives today.


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