UK Government Officially Embraces Islamic Terror Group

Perhaps there is no greater dereliction of duty than for a nation’s leaders to sacrifice its people to Islamic terrorists. That appears to be exactly what is going on in the United Kingdom right now as Muslim Brotherhood terrorists who have fled Egypt after Mursi’s removal, are finding safe harbor in the UK.

UK's FCO: Giving up the Ghost on Protecting Citizens.

UK’s FCO: Giving up the Ghost on Protecting Citizens.

Via Ahram Online (h/t Right Scoop):

The UK government has expressed its conviction that membership or links to the Muslim Brotherhood is not proof of extremism, adding that Brotherhood activists are free to operate in the UK so long as they respect its national laws.

A number of Brotherhood leaders and activists who fled to the UK following the ouster of Egypt’s Islamist president Mohamed Morsi are politically and publically active against the military-backed government in Egypt.

“The UK allows members of all political groups to operate freely, provided they do not break UK law or immigration rules,” the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) told Ahram Online.

“Muslim Brotherhood [members are] subject to the same immigration rules as everyone else,” the official added.

London had rejected the Egyptian government’s designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation, insisting the group is legal in the UK.

Furious about Brotherhood activists being allowed to reside in, and operate from, UK soil, Egyptian media figures and politicians have accused the UK government of promoting terrorism and extremism.

UK Prime Minister, David 'the dhimmi' Cameron.

UK Prime Minister, David ‘the dhimmi’ Cameron.

For those wondering if this takes Great Britain to a new dhimmi phase, the answer is yes. When the official position of any government is that terrorists are welcome, that government has officially become criminal. Persistent political pressure applied by an increasing number of Muslims in the UK over the years has taken that country to an even more dangerous low today.


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