Joel Rosenberg Targets Russia based on Fictional, Biblical Interpretation

By Bob Michael
LAPD Police Detective Capt. (Ret)

I don’t too often oppose individuals. I normally don’t even open missives from friends regarding the utterances of author Joel C. Rosenberg. I have a dislike for the Christian writers who send their messages in their fictional formats, knowing their readers understand the writing as absolute truth. It frees authors to travel any road they choose; and then claim it is only fiction.

Joel C. Rosenberg

Joel C. Rosenberg

I do admire Christian writers who, when shown the truth, and the falsity of their earlier beliefs, are willing to admit their earlier positions were in error and proceed to write on the new found knowledge.

After Walid began to address the Western orientation of Scriptural understanding, by presenting the far more Biblical Eastern application, and pointing out the numerous errors of Western expositors, an encouraging number of writers have acknowledged their error and have adopted Walid’s teaching.

The more capitalistic and successful writers seem to have been unable to admit any error. I believe Rosenberg clearly falls into this grouping. An example of Rosenberg’s error is his obstinate holding to Gog/Magog as Russia, and an obvious disdain for Russia because of this. This conveniently fits the long propagandizing of Americans against anything Russia, which also creates a large money market for writers to work on.

And this brings me back to Rosenberg’s rant. Russia is still the evil enemy of many Christians and the larger American population. Rosenberg is joined by a few in the British media who claim Putin is evil. According to many in the British media, you must believe that Russian President Putin had the audacity to cause the Olympic organizers to choose Sochi for the 2014 winter games and it doesn’t even snow in Sochi. On the mountains, where outdoor events are held, there isn’t much snow, say the Brit detractors ten days before the games open, although it is snowing now. Bad Putin, he is responsible…but they love Obama…and Islam.

Rosenberg’s claimed Biblical support for Russia being Gog/Magog sounds like the Brits non-Biblical…both are wrong and just venting their anger. And Mr. Putin could care less about what they say, that their positions – and Obama’s America for the most part – are just irrelevant.

You can see Rosenberg’s Olympic tirade here. I was going to offer British articles, but if you are interested in them you can find many by a simple search.

Here is a historical of Rosenberg’s positions about Russia being bad because it is Gog/Magog.

I don’t know Rosenberg’s heart but his view of Russia and end times (and herein today’s time) is irrational at best and, at worst, appears to involve Matthew 6:24 and God’s warning:

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Ranting against Russia is the norm in the West. It is just disappointing that Christian writers continue to carry it out at any contrived opportunity and, that it supports their carefully nurtured marketing to Christian consumers.

If you don’t have Walid’s book God’s War On Terror, please pick up a copy and refer to pages 251-274 for the position Walid has correctly taken via Russia and its involvement in Armageddon or any real, or dreamed, Biblical conflicts. Walid’s is certainly NOT a commercial position.

So, let’s see. Russia and Putin (1) support the Church, (2) are against Islam and refuse building additional mosques in Moscow, (3) oppose sodomite claims of normalcy and sodomite recruiting of children, (4) stand for their country, (5) support the new Egyptian government, (6) oppose the invasion of Syria, (7) oppose the ousting of the Syrian government, (8) oppose the terrorists in Syria masquerading as Syrian patriots, and (9) support the protection of Christians in Syria.
You may support some or all of these, but the U.S. has taken the opposite position on every one of these (1 – 9) issues.

So what beside mammon would cause Rosenberg to oppose Russia and demean Putin over the Sochi Olympics? I leave the answer to you.