Persecuted Syrian Christian Rips Senator John McCain

By Anonymous

Note: The following article is written by a Syrian Christain victim of jihadist persecution whom Rescue Christians helped to escape. For various reasons, the identity of this individual cannot be revealed at this time.

A chameleon can adapt to almost any environment. It can blend in and has the ability to change as any situation dictates but we are not talking about the literal creature. We are talking about Senator John “McChameleon” McCain. Does he not look stunning? I like chameleons so much, don’t you?

John McChameleon

John McChameleon

Another fact about a chameleon is that its tongue can extend the length of its entire body, or even longer which is the case for John McCain, who is quite adept at delivering lies about freedom and democracy in the United States but at the same time is deaf and dumb towards the atrocities and slaughtering of the Syrian Christians in that country’s ongoing civil war.

The Chameleon shows his tongue.

The Chameleon shows his tongue.

Since the outbreak of the civil war, the nation’s Christian minority has often been targeted by Islamic rebels. Violence has forced many Christians in Syria to flee their homes, which subjects them to harsh conditions that come with a significant dose of terrified jumpiness because they never know what heinous threat lurks around the next corner, stone or tree.

Nonetheless, McCain is still unflinchingly supporting the jihadists as they commit savage war crimes, to include the beheading of priests.

Here is the transcript of the opening from that video report, via Russia Today:

“Another act of brutal violence reportedly by Syrian rebels has appeared on the web. Unverified video shows the beheading of 3 supposed government supporters. The title of the graphic footage suggests an orthodox Christian bishop was among the victims, although other reports claim he’d been shot dead in an assault on a monastery.”

During a town hall meeting in his home state, “McChameleon” faced a tough crowd, largely opposed to military action in Syria. He was met by hecklers and confronted by a Syrian woman, who was cheered for speaking truth to power.

The Syrian woman lost a member of her family at the hands of the U.S.-backed Syrian rebels. These rebels jihadists would benefit from a U.S. strike against Syria, a policy supported by McCain.

Take note that in the exchange with the woman, McCain made reference to having been to Syria himself and that he “knows” who the fighters are. He was either wrong when he said that or is lying because during his trip to Syria, he was photographed with terrorists and the leader of the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF), Mouaz Moustafa, who has connections to Muslim Brotherhood groups and individuals in the U.S.

"McChameleon" blending in with Jihadists.

“McChameleon” blending in with Jihadists.

Via the BBC:

Sen McCain, the top Republican on the Senate armed services committee, is understood to have entered Syria through Turkey and was on the ground there for several hours.

He travelled with the Syrian Emergency Task Force and met General Salim Idris, chief of staff of the rebel Free Syrian Army, as well as 18 other rebel commanders, the BBC has learned.

With a full commitment to provide lethal assistance – especially ammunition and heavy weapons – to opposition forces in Syria, and to move and resupply the rebels around the battlefield by air to commit atrocities publicly, he once called like-minded jihadists in Libya his “heroes” and “patriots”.

Here is what “McChameleon” said during a 2011 trip to Benghazi, via McCain.Senate.Gov:

“I have met with these brave fighters, and they are not Al-Qaeda. To the contrary: They are Libyan patriots who want to liberate their nation. We should help them do it.”

At the time, “McChameleon” was calling on his country to arm the Al Qaeda affiliated rebels in Benghazi, via NPR:

McCain called on all nations, especially the U.S., to recognize the National Transitional Council in Benghazi. He said some of the Gadhafi regime’s frozen assets should be redirected to the rebels and the U.S. should facilitate the delivery of weapons to rebel fighters. He clarified that by facilitate he meant not directly arming the rebels, but ensuring that they receive weapons as the U.S. did in the 1980s with the mujahideen battling the Russians in Afghanistan.

Such a call raises alarm bells in some circles. Critics recall that some of those fighters Washington helped arm and train in Afghanistan later joined al-Qaida. McCain dismissed questions about who the rebel leaders are, saying their histories are clear and none of them has any record of supporting radical Islam. The danger, he warned, could come as the conflict bogs down into a stalemate.

Conversely, did the recent Syrian Christian delegation think and expect to be greeted by a friendly “McChameleon” bearing roses and well wishes while he is saluting the Islamic rebels by providing sophisticated rockets to kill and massacre Christians in Syria?

On some things, the McCain “McChameleon” doesn’t change his spots; he threw a pre-pubescent temper tantrum.

McCain: Believes Jihadists, thinks Christians are lying.

McCain: Believes Jihadists, thinks Christians are lying.

One of the reasons for the delegation’s visit was to report on the systematic extermination and kidnapping of Syria’s Christian population at the hands of the very rebels McCain wishes to arm. Instead of greeting these dignitaries with respect, the “McChameleon” burst into the Senate Armed Services Committee meeting room yelling, before storming back out.

Here is an excerpt from the statement presented by the clergy while speaking at the Heritage Foundation during their visit:

“Syria has become the central battleground for Al Qaeda and other extremists from around the globe.  According to CNN, Israeli Army Intelligence reported on January 26th that an estimated 30,000 foreign jihadists are now fighting in Syria. We believe the only solution now to ending the spiraling violence lies with the Geneva peace process and in stopping the influx of foreign fighters into Syria. We urge the American government to make sure that these two elements go side by side.

We ask the American people to pray for Syria, to pray for an end to the violence, and to tell their lawmakers that religious freedom and the protection of minorities are important to them.  The situation of the Christians in Syria is a tragic one, both for those who have been able to stay in their homes and those who have been displaced, and we therefore also appeal for humanitarian support.  The refugee camps are unsafe for Christians, and so they must turn to their neighbors and families for help, often placing a tremendous burden on families already strained by three years of war.”

Here is the entire presentation:

Following the meeting with the Christian delegation, it was easy to conclude that the chameleon McCain lost his camouflage skilss, which revealed the sheer truth of his hatred for Christians by slaughtering them at the hands of his brothers in Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra in Syria.



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