Fascist Muslims Will Try and Take over, UK schools in “Trojan Horse” scandal.

For anyone who has studied the history of Islam and how it took over the Middle East, North Africa and Southern Asia; it was by war and “Dawa” which is the taking over the education institutions, infiltrate the government and impose Sharia. This story from the UK exposes clearly the Islamic agenda to spread Sharia by all means. The same tactics are being used here but the average American is unaware or brainwashed with the mental disorder called Liberalism.

The damning verdict on Trojan Horse schools: Shocking Ofsted report reveals culture of fear, segregated boys and girls even Christmas banned at schools Islamists plotted to control

Sir Michael Walshaw said a narrow faith-based ideology’ was imposed
Boys at one school were forced to change in store cupboards for modesty
One primary spent £32,000 on a five-star trip to Saudi Arabia for pupils
Children were also told that Western women are ‘white prostitutes’
Governors and senior staff at schools have called the scandal a ‘witch-hunt’
Michael Gove has pledged that British values will be taught in all schools

A campaign by hardline Islamists to take control of state schools was laid bare yesterday.

Revealing the shocking extent to which strict Muslim practices are being imposed on pupils and teachers alike, the chief inspector of schools said the plotters used ‘fear and intimidation’ against their opponents.

Sir Michael Wilshaw said the aim of the ‘Trojan Horse’ campaign was to impose a ‘narrow faith-based ideology’ on schools in Birmingham.

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