Iraq Has Become A Lawless Land, With Muslims Making Truck Loads Of Bodies

By Theodore Shoebat

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. — Matthew 24:12

This verse is being illustrated in Iraq as we speak. Countless lives are being butchered. has obtained a video from Arabic sources, showing a massacre committed by ISIS in a marketplace in Iraq:

The jihadists have butchered so many people, that they have made truckloads of bodies, as this recent photo attests:


There are also mass slaughters:


Iraq has become totally lawless, and the Christians are greatly suffering. Chaldean Priest Qais Kage said:

The advance of the ISIS militiamen is favoured by large tribes and Sunnis clans. What happened in Mosul is significant: such a big city cannot fall in a few hours without support from within. The chaos and political division of the country, due to sectarian conflicts, promotes the advance of the militants who have come from outside: the Iraqi army has left everything in their hands.

The jihadists have attacked three churches and one monastery. The Archbishop of Mosul said:

We received threats… [and] now all the faithful have fled the city. I wonder if they will ever return there.

We must Christians from Islamic persecution.