New York Times Writer Applying CPR to Benghazi Video

By Lynn Woolley

David D. Kirkpatrick may be the Seth Borenstein of the Benghazi Islamic video. He won’t give it up. The New York Times’ Cairo Bureau Chief is out with yet another article claiming that the video – the key point in Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s deflection of the attack as a political issue – WAS INDEED why Ahmed Abu Khattala was outraged against America.

Photo:  FOX News

Photo: FOX News

Here is what Kirkpatrick has written in the Times:

“On the day of the attack, Islamists in Cairo had staged a demonstration outside the United States Embassy there to protest an American-made online video mocking Islam, and the protest culminated in a breach of the embassy’s walls — images that flashed through news coverage around the Arab world. As the attack in Benghazi was unfolding a few hours later, Mr. Abu Khattala told fellow Islamist fighters and others that the assault was retaliation for the same insulting video, according to people who heard him.”

This is not the first time that Kirkpatrick has tried to bolster the talking points that Susan Rice took to five Sunday morning talk shows. On December 28, 2013, Kirkpatrick wrote – and the Times published — a detailed account of the 2012 Benghazi attack titled: “A Deadly Mix in Benghazi.” Kirkpatrick claimed the article’s conclusion was based on extensive interviews with Libyan witnesses and American officials. Kirkpatrick concluded that the attack began neither as a spontaneous protest nor an Al Qaeda plot. It was a planned attack. But he also concluded that the video was a big part of what inspired the attack.

David D. Kirkpatrick

David D. Kirkpatrick

WBDaily has no reporters in Benghazi, but we have watched this controversy unfold. We watched the Susan Rice appearances on TV. We saw Obama go on the Letterman Show, The View, and before the United Nations – to blame the video. We saw the funerals of the four dead Americans on TV and heard the accounts of Hillary Clinton telling the families that it was the video.

And we have taken note as the “video” story collapsed.

Liberals, however, cheered (notably Steve Blow of the Dallas Morning News) when Kirkpatrick began writing about the video again as if it actually was the case. Perhaps he is right. It is entirely possible that Abu Khattala was mad about it and used it as a pretext to mobilize the local terrorist organization, Ansar al-Shariah. But, as noted above, even Kirkpatrick reports that the attack did not begin spontaneously. So what does this mean?

In light of reports on WBDaily that the maker of the video was indeed a Muslim – a story that has yet to make the front pages of America’s big daily newspapers – it is hard to conclude that the video was part of some American-based Coptic Christian filmmaker’s plot to slander Islam. It simply was not. But it might still be used to help Obama with his legacy and Hillary with her presidential campaign.

So long as Kirkpatrick continues to run this narrative in the nation’s “newspaper of record,” it makes us suspicious that Obama/Hillary may have some idea in mind with regard to the arrest of Khattala. If, for example, he tells interrogators that it was the video that caused the attacks – then BHO and HRC can breathe a sigh of relief.

That may be one reason (along with liberal ideology) that Khattala is being brought back to America. At Guantanamo Bay, he would fade into obscurity. In an American court of law, he can blame the video. Just like Susan Rice and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Don’t say we didn’t tell you.

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Lynn Woolley is a syndicated talk show host in Texas.


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