Congressman gives IRS Commissioner Free Pass on Malik Obama

House Ways and Means Committee member Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) blew a golden opportunity with IRS Commissioner John Koskinen today. When given his time to ask questions of Koskinen, Kelly should have asked why the brother of the President received expeditious and illegal 501(c)(3) status from Lois Lerner in 2011 and why this was done despite Malik Obama being directly connected to a state sponsor of terrorism in Sudan.

To boot, Kelly could have asked Koskinen if any of the “lost” Lois Lerner emails involved any correspondence about the Malik Obama case.

Despite an admission from Kelly nearly a year ago that the claims were “spot on”, the issue did not come up today.

As many of our readers know, Kelly admitted publicly last August – on a radio town hall in his home district – to knowing about the Malik Obama angle to the IRS scandal.

Also during that call, Kelly assured listeners that his committee would get to the bottom of the it while asking for patience. His rationale was that his committee while important, isn’t that big and that it had approximately 70,000 “pages of emails and documents” to go through. That town hall was ten months ago…

70,000 / 300 days = 235 pages / day.

Really, Congressman?!?


Congressmen get very few opportunities to challenge members of the administration in power. This was a tremendous opportunity for Kelly to do just that with a revelation that would blow the IRS scandal sky high. Instead, Mr. Kelly chose to hide under his desk. The irony is that Kelly said the American people are getting tired of waiting.

Yes, congressman, we are… on you to start fighting:


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