Drumbeats Of War Between Syria And Turkey And The U.S. Is Sending More Troops To Oust Bashar Al-Assad

When Bashar Al-Assad of Syria warned of the true intentions behind the 2011 Arab Spring, that it will turn into an Islamic winter, few in the west were listening. Now, the story is repeating when Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad just accused Turkey’s military intervention in Syria as “an act of aggression” and “a front to helping ISIS”. All this while the US military has even deployed more Marines to the Middle East, the Pentagon revealed Wednesday with the ultimate goal of the US intervention, as Obama administration spokesmen have repeatedly declared, is “the ouster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad,” who is allied to Iran and Russia, the two main targets of the American government in the region.

Bashar Al-Assad is deeply concerned as his government argued that Turkey and Syria are in cahoots pointing to Turkey when it held “diplomatic and political negotiations” with ISIS to the release of 46 Turkish hostages. The Syrian government called on the international community and the United Nations to stop Turkey from what it believes will threaten “international and regional peace and security.”

The Turkish as well as the U.S. government wants to see a regime change in Syria arguing that its intervention was to eradicate ISIS and the Obama Administration sees that Turkey’s intervention in Syria as a positive thing, the Turkish Kurdish populations are particularly angered of such position and accused the Turkish government of supplying weapons to ISIS warned Turkey on Friday against any military intervention on its territories, saying it would consider it an act of “aggression” while accusing the government of turning a blind eye to ISIS by refusing to allow Turkish Kurds to cross the border and fight ISIS in Syria.

The announcement by Syria warning of the drumbeats of war happened a day after the Turkish military was given authorization to conduct cross-border incursions against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) operating in the Arab country.

Bashar Al-Assad is nervous, he sees the writing on the wall that the king of the North (Turkey) is coming for him.  “The declared policy of the Turkish government represents a real aggression against a member state of the United Nations,” the Syrian Foreign Ministry said.

The warning came after Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu vowed late Thursday that Ankara would do whatever it could to prevent the predominantly Kurdish town of Kobani, near its border with Syria, falling to ISIS militants. That while at the same time the Turkish military prevented Kurds to aid Kobani was a red-flag which caused suspicion that Turkey has nefarious reasons to intervene in Syria. Turkish Chief of Staff Necdet Ozel gave another pretext for possible military intervention in Syria, saying that the army was ready to act in defense of a small Turkish unit deployed in northern Syria to guard the tomb of Suleyman Shah, an ancestor of the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

Just hours before Davutoglu’s comment, Turkey’s parliament gave the government powers to order cross-border military incursions claiming it to be against ISIS, and to allow foreign coalition forces to launch similar operations from Turkish territory to oust Bashar Al-Assad.

Also, the US military has deployed a quick-reaction force of 2,300 Marines to the Middle East, the Pentagon revealed Wednesday, the latest step in a carefully planned escalation of American military power in the region. Yet, the Marines are only the spearhead of a much larger US force in Kuwait, already numbering some 15,000 troops, including an entire armored brigade, which has only flat desert terrain separating it from the war zone in eastern Syria and western Iraq. Another 1,000 Marines from the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit are stationed on board Navy warships in the Persian Gulf.

But the ultimate goal of the US intervention, as Obama administration spokesmen have repeatedly declared, is the ouster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is allied to Iran and Russia, the two main targets of American government in the region.

As it turns out, the Obama administration used the crimes of ISIS, such as the beheading of prisoners and the slaughter of minority religious groups, to sway public opinion in the United States, what it truly was doing was to partner with Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf despotisms who also have made it clear that they are mainly concerned with overthrowing Assad.

The latest recruit to the US-led “coalition,” the Turkish government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was even more explicit about this goal, as the Turkish parliament voted Thursday for a measure to allow Turkish troops to enter Iraq and Syria and to permit foreign troops to use Turkish territory.

Bashar’s days are numbered and Turkey’s Erdogan is ready to occupy Syria with the blessings and partnership of his best ally, president Barack Hussein Obama. In a speech before the vote, Erdogan dismissed the US-led bombing campaign against ISIS as ineffective and pointless, saying, “Tons of air bombs will only delay the threat and danger” of terrorism that the second largest army in NATO, the Turkish Army needs to put boots on the ground of Syria. He renewed his call for the ouster of Assad. This was echoed by Turkish Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz, who told parliament, “The main source of ISIS is the Syrian regime.” While this is false, Turkey is the main source of ISIS, the United States is shamelessly advancing an Antichrist.

Westerners are confused. Including even many Christians who proclaim judgment on Syria according to Isaiah 17. They say that Damascus will be no more referring to the Assad regime. They will see later that such destruction is not on that regime, but the regime which comes after, Antichrist. There are so many talking confusions who are in reality aiding Antichrist while proclaiming themselves to be pro-Christ.

And for years they declared that Israel will attack Iran’s nuclear installations, next year, this year, this month … it never happened as we predicted years ago. When they said that Turkey will soon join the European Union, we said it will not. So many were the false proclamations they made. So many want to tickle ears with fanciful proclamations yet without sound understanding that Scripture is a Middle Eastern manuscript and one is not to isolate Isaiah 17 without looking at the big picture studying previous chapters and forward chapters like Isaiah 19 which involves Egypt. One is not to isolate Ezekiel 38 without studying Ezekiel 28 all the way to Ezekiel 38. Isolation is the first trick of the devil.  

As to the U.S. government, heaven will abound with repentant prostitutes and even IRS tax-collectors, but very few U.S politicians will make it. The first myth when it comes to politicians is that they are here to protect the safety of their people when all they care about is the safety of their power. The politician in the U.S. is arguing that U.S. intervention in Syria was to eradicate ISIS when all the U.S. government wants to see is a regime change in Syria and the full accomplishment of the 2011 plan for the Arab Spring to fully succeed. For whatever reason, the dark forces are at work to complete the plan of Antichrist.




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